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Hemolysis induced by artemisinin and its derivatives in vitro

Hao-ming GU, David C WARHURST, Wallace PETERS


After exposure of rbc to 1 mM artemether, complete lysis of rbc occurred and visible absorption spectrum of the released Hb was unchanged. Similarly, no change was seen of the spectrum of the released Hb from rbc exposed to 0.5 mM SM242. However, slight hemolysis was found in the groups of 1 mM QHS, 1 mM DHQ, and no significant hemolysis in the group of 1 mM CQ. Two shoulder peaks at 502 and 631 nm in the spectrum of the supernatant in 1 mM artesunate group replaced the 2 sharp ones at 541 and 573 nm in the spectrum of normal Hb. NaN3, deferoxamine and superoxide dismutase did not antagonize the hemolytic action by artesunate, artemether or SM242.

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