Vol 6, No 1 (March 1985): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Effects of glycolate esters on conditioned behavior Pages:1-3
Zhen-tong Mei
Selectivity of [D-Ala2-O-benzyl-Ser5]-enkephalin on mu and delta opiate receptor subtypes Pages:3-5
Xin-quan Ji, Hong-liang Zhang, Su Liu, Gang Zou
Change in the ATP content of the earthworm dorsal muscle during soman poisoning Pages:6-10
Rong-xin Zhu, Li-ping Wang, Ting-chong Zhou
Antagonism of non-depolarization muscle relaxants and aminoglycoside antibiotics to the block of neuromuscular junction of the rat diaphragm caused by soman Pages:11-16
Shan-ping Yu, Chuan-gui Liu
Relationship between cholinesterase activity and acetylcholine of the brains of mice acutely intoxicated with soman Pages:16-19
Xiao Zhang, Bo-yi Qin
Effects of some psychotropic drugs on the osmotic stability and membrane expansion of human erythrocyte membrane Pages:19-24
Ting-sheng Song, Yong Chen, Jie Chen, He-qin Yan, Zheng-yi Xia, Neng Cai, Yu-fen Xia
Effects of haloperidol, chlorpromazine, metoclopramide and ascorbic acid on adrenergic salivation and lacrimation in mice at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Pages:24-26
Bao-hua Li, Xing-yu Yang, De-li Shen, Xiao-wei Cui
Vasodilatory actions of four atropine-like drugs on the rat foot-pad Pages:26-29
Wei-jun Wang
Effects of dauricine on electrical and mechanical activities in the isolated guinea pig myocardium Pages:30-33
Xian-gang Zong, Man-wen Jin, Ding-yuan Zhao, Chong-jia Hu, Fu-hua LV
Effect of the central action of propranolol on coronary circulation in dogs Pages:33-36
Bao-zhong Xie, Guo-jun Hu, Long-xing Yuan, Hong Wang, Wen-de Jiang
Hypotensive effect of delsoline Pages:37-40
Qi-shen Lian, Gao-hong Feng
Induction of hepatic microsomal monooxygenases by schisanhenol in rats Pages:41-44
Geng-tao Liu, Huai-ling Wei
Spasmolytic effects of isocorydine on the isolated gallbladder and Oddi's sphincter in vitro Pages:45-48
Zhi-de Chen, Zheng-xian Zhang, Mao-de Wang
Effect of total alkaloids of Fissistigma oldhamii on cAMP and isolated hearts Pages:48-51
Qi Chen, Bing-liu Lin, Zhi-xi Chen, Ru-jun Wang, Ming Bi, Zi-ping Tao, Sun-ping Xiong, Jian-hua Wang
Influence of bovine parathyroid hormone-(1-34) on the contraction of the rat vas deferens and the effect of calcium Pages:51-55
Wu Yang, Hui-ying Gao, Zhen-gang Wang, Yin-chang Jin
Gossypol is a potent inhibitor of the NAD+-dependent dehydrogenase responsible for the inactivation of prostaglandins Pages:55-59
CN Berry, JA Phillips, JRS Hoult
Effect of calcium, magnesium and temperature on praziquantel-induced tegument damage of the male Schistosoma japonicum Pages:59-63
Shu-hua Xiao, Hui-fang Guo, Zhi-qiang Dai, Ron-quan Zhang
Effect of maytansine on the cell cycle of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in mice Pages:63-67
Yi-jun Fan, Jun Zhou, Mao Li
Rat model of passive lung anaphylaxis induced by trichosanthin Pages:68-71
Ruo-shu Wu, Shu-min Zhang, Jia-wen Ma
Distribution of 147Pm in bones and central nervous system in rats Pages:71-73
Shou-peng Zhu, Guo-lin Wang, Xian-hua Gao
Detoxication of poisoning by 11 metals by quinamic acid Pages:73-76
Xue-ming Yan, Zheng-qin Tao, Xin-hua Xu, Zhen-jia Chen, Jian-shi Zhang, Bai-yong Mao, You-yi Liang, Guang-sheng Ding