Vol 4, No 4 (December 1983): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

A non-lxnear method and its program for calculating pharmacokinetic parameters   Pages (217-220)
You-chun Yang, Gang Chen, Li Yuan
Effects of anisodine and other cholinergic drugs on learning and memory in spatial discrimination of mice   Pages (220-225)
Yi-fan Han, Xian-yu Chen
Effects of soman, sarin and vx on specific[binding of [3h]qnb in rat cerebral cortex homogenates   Pages (225-228)
De-lu Zhao, Zhong-xiao Wang, Shu-qiu Pei, Chuan-hui Liu
Reactive specificity of soman binding site   Pages (228-232)
Jian-qun Zhou, Ting-chong Zhou
Effects of microinjection of kainic acid into nucleus raphe dorsalis on electr()-acupuncture, morphine and stress analgesia   Pages (232-235)
Reng-sheng Yu, Shan Gong, Wei-ping Yin, Qi-zhang Yin
Comparative epileptogenic properties of cefazolin and benzylpenicillin after lntracaudate micro-lnjectlon in rats   Pages (236-238)
G B De Sarro, M Calo, G Bagetta, R Anfosso, E Marmo, G Nistico, V Guarino
Pharmacokinetics and disposition of [3h]dimethyl d/-curine dimethochloride in rats and mice   Pages (238-242)
Yue-e Wang, Jie Feng, Xi-can Tang
Physiological disposition of [14c]cycleanine dimethoiodide in rats   Pages (242-244)
Zhen-de Zhang, Guo-zhang Jin, Zhou Sun, Xiu-ying Chen, Xin Zhang
Anti-arrhythmic eefects of sodiijm selenite   Pages (244-247)
Feng-zhen Tang, Ji-an Guo, Wei-guang Zhao, Shu-yuan Tang, Yong-jun Xie, Gui-min Li
Anti-arrhythmic effects of guan-fu base a   Pages (247-250)
Wei-zhou Chen, Yue-li Dong, Yu-fang Zhang, Guang-sheng Ding
Effects of intravenous infusion of changrolin on cardiac function of patients with arrhythmia   Pages (251-253)
You-tang Shen, Nai-shan Xu, Shuang-lin Gu, Pei-ming Wu, Wei-zhou Chen
Combined effect of hydrochlorothiazide and atenolol in antihypertensive therapy on 42 patients   Pages (254-258)
Jia-qi Shen, Luo-de Wang
Effects of tetrandrine on action potential and contraction of isolated guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (258-261)
Xian-gang Zong, Man-wen Jin, Guo-jin Xia, Da-chao Fang, Ming-xing Jiang
Pharmacokinetics of fluorocarbon blood substitute   Pages (262-264)
Xun-cheng Ding, Bin-wu Chen, Ju-fang Shen, Wen-hua Gu, Wen-juan Cao
Identifiability of nonlinear compartmental models for plasma protein binding of sulfa drugs   Pages (265-269)
Shao-xiong He, Wen-bai Zhang, Si-lan Zhao, Tuan-hua Huang, Bing-xian Huang
Experimental therapy of 7 antimalarials in mice infected with pyronaridine-resistant berghei   Pages (269-273)
Ke-yong Chen, Bao-ying Lin, Jia-xun Zhang, Bao-ruo Shao
Magnetic microspherical carrier-a new dosage form of fluorouracil as an anticancer agent   Pages (273-276)
Qi Chen, Shu-ying Sun, Xue-qiu Gu, Zhao-wu Li, Zhen-xiang Li
Structure-activity relationship of hexameihyl-melamine derivatives   Pages (276-280)
Yong-zhuang Su, Qi-chao Pan, Mei-zhen Sun, Yun-feng Ren
Distribution of 113min-quinamic acid in normal and tumor-bearing mice   Pages (280-283)
Zheng-qin Tao, Zhen-jia Chen, Jian-shi Zhang, Xin-hua Xu, Xue-ming Yan, Bai-yong Mao, Guang-sheng Ding
Relationship between diethyl lipoamide (dela)-induced tissue hypoxia and radiation-protective effect in mice   Pages (283-287)
De-zheng Wu, Li-Ii Liu, Dong-ping Liu
Antihistaminic action of piperauine   Pages (287-289)
Ding-yi Fu, Li-hua Cao, Li-sha Zhu, Xiu-xia Ma