Vol 4, No 1 (March 1983): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Effects of anisodine alone and in combination with chlor-promazine on spontaneous acetylcholine release from sensory-motor cortex of cats   Pages (1-4)
Jun-hua Huang, Zeng-xing Chen, Xian-yu Chen
Relevance of sedative-tranquilizing effect of l-tetra-hydropalmatine to brain monoaminergic neurotransmitters   Pages (4-10)
Guo-zhang Jin, Jian Xu, Fu-tian Zhang, Lei-ping Yu, Jian-hua Li, Xiao-li Wang
Histochemical changes of central cholinesterases inhib-ited by soman   Pages (10-14)
Xiao-san Xu
Effects of neonatal administration of monosodium gluta-mate on morphine-, acupuncture- and stress-analgesia in adult rats   Pages (14-16)
Shi-yu Guo, Wei-ping Yin, Qi-zhang Yin
Kinetics of neuromuscular blocking effect of dimethyl l-curine dimethochloride   Pages (17-20)
Sheng-kai Huang, Yue-e Wang, Xi-can Tang
Taurine content of cardiac tissue in spontaneously hyper-tensive rats   Pages (21-23)
Celestine Chau, Pat Heu, Shao-Chia Chou, J T Miyahara, S Ramanathan
Phalloidine and cardiovascular system: In vitro and in vivo studies   Pages (23-25)
A Marfella, A Filippelli, M Scafuro, C Matera, G Bile, A Pujia, E Marmo
Effects of divaside on cardiac contractility, excita-bility, automaticity, refractory period and surface electrogram on cat papillary muscles   Pages (25-29)
Man-wen Jin, Da-chao Fang, Ming-xing Jiang
Effects of tetrandrine, verapamil and propranolol on contractility and camp level 'of isolated rabbit left atria   Pages (29-32)
Wei-xing Yao, Guo-jin Xia, Da-chao Fang, Ming-xing Jiang
Effect of total flavones of sophora flavescens root on arrhythmia of cultured rat heart cells   Pages (32-35)
Jia-zhen Wang, Fu-li Sun, Hui-wan Han, Bao-heng Zhang, Shao-hua Yuan, Li Ma
Mutagenecity of fluorocarbon blood substitute   Pages (35-39)
Bao-zhen Zhong, Qi-ni Tang, Yong-gui Zhou, Pei-jun Xin, Xun-cheng Ding
Morphological changes in testes and epididymides of rats after gossypol   Pages (40-45)
Zhi-ping Gu, Shu-dong Zong, Chin-chuan Chang
Effect in vitro of metabolites of praziouantel on schistosoma japonicum   Pages (45-48)
Feng-xiang Wang, Yan-qin Zhu, Quan-sheng Yao, Han-ying Yan, Shang-ren Pan, Wei-yi Li, Ying-ying Feng
Autoradiographic localization of a new hepatographic agent tabac in liver cells   Pages (49-51)
Yuan-ming Ma, Fang Mei, Yue-gui Yu, Xing-ju Yuan, Mei-chu Luo, Shun-gao Tong
Effects of polatus polysaccharides on liver carbohydrate metabolism and adrenocortical function of mice bearing hepatoma h22   Pages (52-54)
Qun Wei, Guo-li Wu, Jian-chu Nie, Shu-yuan Song, Yu-zhen Bai
Influence of oxalysine (i-677) on the incorporation of lysine and its subcellular distribution   Pages (54-57)
Xiu-fang Yue, Shu-yun Wu, Fu-geng Wu, Jin-zhu Gui, Bin Xu
Absorption, distribution and excretion of [3h]rubescensine a in mice   Pages (57-60)
Chen Lin, Tan-mu Zhang, Wen-kai Wu, Sheng-hai Cao, De-xi Wang, Ming-guang Yi
Physiological disposition of iproniazid in mice   Pages (60-63)
Roger P Maickel, Janell Seeger, Wayne R Snodgrass
Biotransformation of 9- (p-methylanilino) acridine in rabbit   Pages (63-67)
Shao-xiong He, Dian-ying Wang, Gui-lan Shi, Xiao-ying Du
Effect of sodium nitrite on cyanide ion concentration in rabbit blood during cyanide poisoning   Pages (67-69)
Song-cheng Yang, Yong-xiang Yu
Synthesis, toxicity and antimalarial effects of bispyroquine   Pages (69-72)
Dao-xing Ren, Lan-sun Huang, Xian-yu Zheng, Jin-lin Sun, Rui-zhen Tang, Chang Chen, Jun-shi Chen, Shou-ping Yao