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Autoradiographic localization of a new hepatographic agent tabac in liver cells

Yuan-ming Ma, Fang Mei, Yue-gui Yu, Xing-ju Yuan, Mei-chu Luo, Shun-gao Tong


The iv is a new hepatograp the authors, accordi of the reticulo-endo suspension of TABAChic agent, designed by ng to the phagocytosis thelial tissue. In this paper, we localized the distribution of sus-pension particles of [iasI]TABAC in rat liver by autoradiography. The silver grains produced by[125I]TABAC were concen-trated in and around Kupffer cells. This is a direct evidence to prove our design a successful one. The ratio of numbers of Ag grains with 2 doses (3.1)was smaller than that of 2 initial doses (4). The values of [125I]TABAC_positive Kupffer cells vs time (from 15 s t0 6 d) coincided with that of TABAC content in liver vs time deter-mined by a previous pharmacokinetic study.

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