Vol 12, No 3 (May 1991): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of famotidine in 10 Chinese healthy volunteers Pages:195-198
Shen Gao, Gao-lin Liu, She-xiang Wang, Xiu-hua Gao
Effects of cysteamine on flexion reflex facilitation by C-primary afferents in cats Pages:199-202
Chong-qing Li, Zhi-qi Zhao, Huan-qiao Yang
Effect of ubiquinone on ischemic arrhythmia in conscious rats Pages:202-206
Yong-li Wang, Yun-shan Li, Shao-xuan Fu
Positive inotropic effect of apomorphine on guinea pig myocardium is mediated by dopamine DA1 receptors Pages:207-211
Nan Wang, De-hua Zhao, Bao-heng Sheng
Effect of tiapride on electroacupuncture analgesia Pages:212-215
Jia-le Dai, Shao-fen Xu
Binding of potassium [3H]embelate to rat brain synaptosomes Pages:216-219
Rakesh K Johri, Usha Zutshi
Effects of estradiol on carbonic anhydrase and Mg(2+)-HCO3(-)-ATPase activities in rat duodenal microvilli and kidney tubules Pages:219-222
Hui Chen, Shiro Suzuki
Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model of magnesium sulfate in treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension Pages:222-225
Gang Chen, Jian-feng Lu, Wen Cao
Pharmacokinetics of sodium selenite in human body at different levels of selenium Pages:226-228
Ji-an Guo, Xue-ya Wang, Li-ming Dai
Influence of carbenicillin on pharmacokinetics of ribostamycin in 7 volunteers when they were used combinedly Pages:229-231
Zhen-feng Zhu, Tong-xun Ma
Distribution of bromo[methylene-3H]acetamide in Oncomelania snails, carps, and mice Pages:232-235
Gen-fa Wang, Geng-ming Song, Guo-ping Wang, Mei-ying Zhou, Xia-ling Zhao, Wilhelm Becker
Effect of enhancers on cutaneous permeation of piroxicam in vitro Pages:235-238
Guang-qing Xu, Nian-zhu Xi, Guo-shen Chen, Xin-guo Jiang, Hui-nan Xu
Comparison of central effects produced by intracerebral injection of glutamic acid, quisqualic acid, and kainic acid Pages:239-241
Cheng-chun Sun, Shi-shan Zhang
Antagonistic effects of dextromethorphan on vasoconstriction of phencyclidine in vitro Pages:242-244
Wei-li Bao, Feng-yan Sun, Fu-chun Zheng, An-zhong Zhang
Characterization of 9 slowly dissociated opioid ligands azabicyclononances compounds to mu, delta, and kappa receptors Pages:245-249
Li-qun Fan, Wen-qiao Jin, Zhi-qiang Chi
Drug evaluation of huperzine A in the treatment of senile memory disorders Pages:250-252
Rui-wu Zhang, Xi-can Tang, Yan-yi Han, Guo-wei Sang, Yang-da Zhang, Yong-xing Ma, Ci-lu Zhang, Ren-min Yang
Effects of furyl-dihydropyridines I on lipid peroxides of ischemic myocardium and ATPases activity of erythrocyte membranes in rats Pages:253-256
De-qiang Liu, Zhong-qing Pang, De-hua Zhao, Bao-heng Sheng
Effects of panaxadiol and panaxatriol saponins on action potentials of normal and xanthine-xanthine oxidase damaged cultured myocardial cells Pages:256-260
Guo-gan Zhong, Yan Jiang, Xue-qing Wang, Gang Yue
Effects of l-stepholidine on isolated rabbit basilar artery, mesenteric artery, and thoracic aorta Pages:260-262
Yong-sheng Miao, Ao-zhen Zhang, Chun Lin, Ming-hua Jiang, Guo-zhang Jin
Protective action of sophoridine on acute myocardial infarction in anesthetized dogs Pages:263-266
Yang-long Zhang, Lu-yuan Yao, Yi-dao Long, Wei Luo, Xian-lan Ding, Lu-min Xiao
Effect of alpha-difluoromethylornithine on sporogony of Plasmodium yoelii Pages:266-268
Fu-sheng Huang, Xing-xiang Wang
Relationship between inhibitory action of tanshinone on neutrophil function and its prophylactic effects on myocardial infarction Pages:269-272
Xiao-hui Li, Ru-yu Tang
Effects of the ginseng polysaccharides on reducing liver glycogen Pages:272-275
Ming Yang, Ben-xiang Wang
Effects of econazole and clotrimazole on TXB2 and PGE2 production in calcimycin-stimulated neutrophils and arachidonic acid-stimulated platelets Pages:276-280
Yuan-ying Jiang, Bin Zhang, Xin-sheng Chen, Kun Long
Effects of sodium 18 beta-glycrrhetinic acid on the production of active oxygen species and the concentration of intracellular free Ca2+ in rat neutrophils Pages:280-284
Yong-jie Wu, Xin-fang Li
Antifertility effect of the implant containing 16-methylene-17 alpha-acetoxy-19-norprogesterone (ST-1435) Pages:285-288
Zhen-wei Chu, Wei-cheng Wang, Yue-e Wang, Gen-di You, Zhi-ping Gu