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Effect of enhancers on cutaneous permeation of piroxicam in vitro

Guang-qing Xu, Nian-zhu Xi, Guo-shen Chen, Xin-guo Jiang, Hui-nan Xu


Enhancing effects on the permeation of piroxicam (Pir) through excised hairless mouse (inbred HRS mice) skin were investigated by measuring flux. Azone 1% was found to be the most effective enhancer studied, increasing the flux about 21 times. The effect of Azone was enhanced by the presence of propylene glycol. Oleic acid, ethylacetate, and ethanol promoted the diffusion of Pir. Other enhancers, such as DMSO, PEG 400, acetone, urea and salicylic acid, showed little or no effect. Pir-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound increased the flux about 3 times. The results revealed that lipophilic enhancers were more effective than lipophobic ones.

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