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Effects of panaxadiol and panaxatriol saponins on action potentials of normal and xanthine-xanthine oxidase damaged cultured myocardial cells

Guo-gan Zhong, Yan Jiang, Xue-qing Wang, Gang Yue


Wistar rat myocardial cells were cultured. PDS 20-80 micrograms.ml-1; PTS 1.25-20 micrograms.ml-1 dose-dependently decreased their action potential parameters, indicating the possibility of being concerned in the blockage of Ca channel. After the free radical damage was induced by xanthine 0.42 mmol.L-1--xanthine oxidase 5.3 nmol.L-1 (X-XO). All the action potential parameters of the cardiac cells decreased without exception. Both PDA and PTS antagonized the electrical appearance of membrane damage induced by X-XO, suggesting that both PDS and PTS protect the myocardial cells from oxidative damage.

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