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Comparison of central effects produced by intracerebral injection of glutamic acid, quisqualic acid, and kainic acid

Cheng-chun Sun, Shi-shan Zhang


Icv glutamic acid (Glu), quisqualic acid (QA) and kainic acid (KA) significantly increased spontaneous activity of mice in photecell box, and induced dose-dependent rise of blood pressure in anesthetized rats. Their intensities were arranged in the order of KA greater than Glu greater than QA. In mice step-through test Glu 0.1 micrograms icv improved learning and memory; KA 1 ng had no evident effect; and QA 0.1 microgram impaired learning and memory, which were also confirmed by step-down test in normal mice. Therefore, the non-NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptor subtype might be different from the NMDA receptor subtype in the action of learning and memory.

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