Vol 32, No 2 (February 2011): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Active ingredients in Chinese medicines promoting blood circulation as Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitors   Pages (141-151)
Ronald JY Chen, Tzyy-rong Jinn, Yi-ching Chen, Tse-yu Chung, Wei-hung Yang, Jason TC Tzen
Embryonic stem cell application in drug discovery   Pages (152-159)
Yi-jia Lou, Xing-guang Liang

Original Article

Enhanced NMDA receptor NR1 phosphorylation and neuronal activity in the arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus following peripheral inflammation   Pages (160-166)
Jian-ming Peng, Long-sheng Xu, Qi Zhu, Shan Gong, Xian-min Yu, Shi-yu Guo, Gen-cheng Wu, Jin Tao, Xing-hong Jiang
Kynurenic acid attenuates multiorgan dysfunction in rats after heatstroke   Pages (167-174)
Yi-chang Hsieh, Ruei-feng Chen, Yi-shian Yeh, Mao-tsun Lin, Jui-hsiang Hsieh, Sheng-hsien Chen
Alteration of synaptic plasticity in rat dorsal striatum induced by chronic ethanol intake and withdrawal via ERK pathway   Pages (175-181)
Sheng-zhong Cui, Shen-jun Wang, Jing Li, Gui-qin Xie, Rong Zhou, Ling Chen, Xiao-ru Yuan
Novel neuroprotectant chiral 3-n-butylphthalide inhibits tandem-pore-domain potassium channel TREK-1   Pages (182-187)
Xin-cai Ji, Wan-hong Zhao, Dong-xu Cao, Qiao-qiao Shi, Xiao-liang Wang
High glucose stimulates TNFα and MCP-1 expression in rat microglia via ROS and NF-κB pathways   Pages (188-193)
Yi Quan, Chang-tao Jiang, Bing Xue, Shi-gong Zhu, Xian Wang
Role of vascular KATP channels in blood pressure variability after sinoaortic denervation in rats   Pages (194-200)
Zhong-wei Yang, Dong-jie Li, Chong Liu, Ping Han, Yi-li Yang, Ding-feng Su, Fu-ming Shen
Adeno associated viral vector-delivered and hypoxia response element-regulated CD151 expression in ischemic rat heart   Pages (201-208)
Quan Wei, Xiao-lin Huang, Jing-yang Lin, Yu-jie Fei, Zheng-xiang Liu, Xin A Zhang
N-benzyl-5-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide promotes vascular endothelial cell angiogenesis and migration in the absence of serum and FGF-2   Pages (209-216)
Hai-yan Zhang, Le Su, Bin Huang, Jing Zhao, Bao-xiang Zhao, Shang-li Zhang, Jun-ying Miao
Fluoxetine inhibited extracellular matrix of pulmonary artery and inflammation of lungs in monocrotaline-treated rats   Pages (217-222)
Xue-qin Li, Han-ming Wang, Chun-guang Yang, Xin-hua Zhang, Dan-dan Han, Huai-liang Wang
Isoproterenol-induced FKBP12.6/12 downregulation is modulated by ETA and ETB receptors and reversed by argirhein, a derivative of rhein   Pages (223-229)
Guo-lin Zhang, De-zai Dai, Tao Xi, Xiao-dong Cong, Yun Zhang, Yin Dai
17β-Estradiol inhibition of PPARγ-induced adipogenesis and adipocyte-specific gene expression   Pages (230-238)
Sunhyo Jeong, Michung Yoon
The effect of the fibrinolytic enzyme FIIa from Agkistrodon acutus venom on acute pulmonary thromboembolism   Pages (239-244)
Xi Lin, Xiu-xia Liang, Jian-jun Tang, Jia-shu Chen, Peng-xin Qiu, Guang-mei Yan
Over-expression of aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 protects against H2O2-induced oxidative damage and apoptosis in peripheral blood mononuclear cells   Pages (245-252)
Xiu-ying Hu, Qin Fang, Ji-shi Wang, Jian-qiong Xie, Bai-sheng Chai, Fang-qiong Li, Xin Cui, Yuan Yang
Over-expression of Gadd45a enhances radiotherapy efficacy in human Tca8113 cell line   Pages (253-258)
Xiao-ying Zhang, Xun Qu, Cheng-qin Wang, Cheng-jun Zhou, Gui-xiang Liu, Feng-cai Wei, Shan-zhen Sun
Genome-wide analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression signatures in hydroxycamptothecin-resistant gastric cancer cells   Pages (259-269)
Xue-mei Wu, Xiang-qiang Shao, Xian-xin Meng, Xiao-na Zhang, Li Zhu, Shi-xu Liu, Jian Lin, Hua-sheng Xiao
GC-TOF/MS-based metabolomic profiling of estrogen deficiency-induced obesity in ovariectomized rats   Pages (270-278)
Bo Ma, Qi Zhang, Guang-ji Wang, Ji-ye A, Di Wu, Ying Liu, Bei Cao, Lin-sheng Liu, Ying-ying Hu, Yong-lu Wang, Ya-ya Zheng