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Cardiovascular effects of intracerebral injections of glutamate and kainate in rats

Enrico Lampa, Mario Cazzola, Maurizio Angrisani, Concetta Matera, Michele Lisa, Vincenza Susanna, Rosanna Marrazzo, Savino Chieppa, Emilio Marmo


The intracerebral (lateral ventricle, 3rd ventricle, posterior hypothalamus and corpus striatum) administrations of sodium glutamate (G) 0.1-10 mg/rat and kainic acid (K) 0.1-10 Ug/rat induced transitory and dose-dependent increases of arterial BP and bradycardia. These effects were abolished by icv L-glutamic acid diethyl ester hydrochloride l-10 Ug/rat. G-and K-hypertensions were reduced by catecholamine depletion, peripheral adrenergic blocks, central a2-adrenergic stimulation, Ca2+ transmembrane block, ganglionic block, adrenalectomy, and spinal transection. Bilateral vagotomy and carotid sinus denervation augmented the hypertension. The bradycardia seemed to be reflexly mediated via carotid sinus and aortic pressoreceptors.

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