Vol 20, No 4 (April 1999): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Protirelin (thyrotropin-releasing hormone) in thyroid gland: possible involvement in regulation of thyroid status Pages:289-291
Derek G Smyth, Jesus del Rio-garcia, Herwig Wallnofer, Harald Gogl, Wolfgang Simma, Ariana Huber, Robert Embacher, Hamish Fraser, Gunther Kreil
Antagonistic effects of berbamine on [Ca2+]i mobilization by KCl, norepinephrine, and caffeine in newborn rat cardiomyocytes Pages:292-296
Guo-fen Qiao, Hong Zhou, Bai-yan Li, Wen-han Li
In vitro cytotoxicity of salvicine, a novel diterpenoid quinone Pages:297-302
Chen Qing, Jing-sheng Zhang, Jian Ding
Characterization of outward potassium current in embryonic chick heart cells Pages:303-307
Yan-ai Mei, Luo-xiu Huang, Hua Wei, Jia-ting Sun, Han-qing Zhou, Zhi-hong Zhang
Involvement of NMDA and non-NMDA receptors in transmission of spinal visceral nociception in cat Pages:308-312
Xue-jun Song, Zhi-Qi Zhao
Intraventricular vascular endothelial growth factor antibody increases infarct volume following transient cerebral ischemia Pages:313-318
Wei-li Bao, Shi-duo Lu, Huan Wang, Feng-yan Sun
Effects of 7-nitroindazole on long-term potentiation induced by l-clausenamide and high-frequency stimulation in rat hippocampus in vivo Pages:319-323
Ming-rui Zhao, Jun-tian Zhang
Inhibition by baclofen of NMDA-activated current in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons Pages:324-328
Jun-qiang Si, Zhi-wang Li
Effects of excitatory amino acids and nimodipine on calcium currents in cultured rat cortical neurons Pages:329-332
Ke Ning, Zheng-guo Wang, Chang-cai Chen, Jin-ming Li, Pei-fang Zhu
Nitric oxide derived from endothelial cells inhibits Na+/H+ exchange in rabbit platelets activated by thrombin Pages:333-337
Hua Chen, Zhao-gui Guo
Effect of protopine on cytosolic Ca2+ in rabbit platelets Pages:338-340
Zhi-qiang Shen, Zhi-he Chen, Li Duan
Ischemic preconditioning mediated by activation of KATP channels in rat small intestine Pages:341-344
Shuang-ping Yang, Yi-bin Hao, Yu-xiu Wu, Wen Dun, Li-hong Shen, Yi Zhang
Effects of simvastatin on left ventricular hypertrophy and function in rats with aortic stenosis Pages:345-348
Jian-dong Luo, Wei-wen Zhang, Gui-ping Zhang, Xi-hong Liu, Jin-xia Guan
Inhibitory effects of captopril on hypoxia-induced proliferation and collagen synthesis in pulmonary vascular smooth muscle cells Pages:349-352
Jie Shen, Yi Xu
IL-10 and trichosanthin inhibited surface molecule expression of antigen processing cells and T-cell proliferation Pages:353-357
Zu-sen Fan, Bao-li Ma
Demethylation capacity of human fetal adrenal mitochondrial cytochrome P-450 in vitro. Pages:358-362
Hui Wang, Ren-xiu Peng, Yan-hua Zhang, Jin-he Chen, Qi-xiong Li, Rui Kong, Hong Ding
Theoretical elucidation of activity differences of five phenolic antioxidants Pages:363-366
Hong-yu Zhang, Nan Ge, Zhi-yi Zhang
Pharmacokinetics of atenolol enantiomers in 12 Chinese healthy men. Pages:367-370
Xiao-mei Wang, Xi-yong Yu, Shu-guang Lin
Tissue distribution of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha derivative in mice Pages:371-374
Biao-xin Chai, Zhong-ming Tang, Xiu-wen Liu, Min Tu
Correlation between inhibitions of morphine withdrawal and nitric-oxide synthase by agmatine. Pages:375-380
Jin Li, Xin Li, Gang Pei, Bo-yi Qin
Dihydroetorphine-induced place preference was mediated by dopamine D1 receptors in rats. Pages:381-384
Zhong-hua Liu, Kai-gao Zhang