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Correlation between inhibitions of morphine withdrawal and nitric-oxide synthase by agmatine.

Jin Li, Xin Li, Gang Pei, Bo-yi Qin


To study correlation between inhibitions of naloxone-precipitated withdrawal jumps and nitric-oxide synthase (NOS) activity by agmatine.
NOS activities in mouse brain were measured by determination of concentration of [3H]citrulline, the product of [3H]arginine.
Agmatine inhibited NOS activity in naive and morphine-dependent mouse cerebellum, forebrain, and thalamus in substrate-competitive manner in vitro. Naloxone induced withdrawal jumps and an increase in NOS activity in cerebellum, forebrain, and thalamus of abstinent mice. Pretreatment of mice with morphine plus agmatine inhibited the effect of naloxone to precipitate withdrawal jumps and increase in NOS activity. The effect of agmatine was blocked by idazoxan.
The inhibitory effect of agmatine on naloxone-precipitated withdrawal jumps is related to its inhibition of NOS activity by substrate competitive manner and activation of imidazoline receptors.

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