Vol 18, No 5 (September 1997): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Effect of U-73122 on calcium channel activity in porcine myometrial cells and pancreatic beta-cell line RINm5F   Pages (385-390)
Si-Ben Li, Ter-Hsin Chen, Rong-Hua ZHU-Ge, Walter H Hsu
Expression of preproopiomelanocortin mRNA and preprodynorphin mRNA in brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats   Pages (391-394)
Xia Yin, Yan-Hua Zhu, Shao-Fen Xu
Melatonin decreases production of hydroxyl radical during cerebral ischemia-reperfusion   Pages (394-396)
Xue-Jun Li, Ling-Mei Zhang, Jing Gu, An-Zhong Zhang, Feng-Yan Sun
Effects of heparin on growth factor-induced mitogenic and proliferative responses of rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells   Pages (397-400)
Huai-Liang Wang, Stephen A Kilfeather, Graeme R Martin, Clive P Page
Tetrandrine inhibited chronic "inflammatory" pulmonary hypertension in rats   Pages (401-404)
Huai-Liang Wang, Xin-Hua Zhang, Xin Jin, Jun Xing, Dao-Rong Zhang
Effect of calcitonin gene-related peptide-induced preconditioning on attenuated endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation induced by lysophosphatidylcholine   Pages (405-407)
Yu-Hai Tang, Rong Lu, Yuan-Jian Li, Chang-Fu Peng, Han-Wu Deng
Serum alpha 1-acid glycoprotein, sialic acid, and protein binding of disopyramide in normal subjects and cardiac patients   Pages (408-410)
Jian-She Chu, Satoshi Kishion, Akikazu Nomura, Katsumi Miyazaki
Inhibitory effects of vinpocetine on sodium current in rat cardiomyocytes   Pages (411-415)
Yuan Wei, Nian-Ci Shi, Ci-Sheng Zhong, Ping Zheng, Zi-Jun Liang
Effects of moxonidine injected into rostral ventrolateral medulla on blood pressure, heart rate, and renal sympathetic nerve activity in rats   Pages (415-418)
Yan-Fang Xu, Rui-Rong He
Dauricine inhibited L-type calcium current in single cardiomyocyte of guinea pig   Pages (419-421)
Dong-Lin Guo, Zhao-Nian Zhou, Fan-Dian Zeng, Chong-Jia Hu
Effects of advanced glycosylation end products on proliferation and cytosolic free calcium in cultured rat aortic smooth muscle cells   Pages (422-425)
Hui Jin, Nai-Feng Liu, Rao Tang
Expression of receptor for advanced glycosylation end products (AGEP) and inhibition of AGEP-induced cytosolic calcium elevation by diltiazem in cultured rat aortic smooth muscle cells   Pages (425-430)
Qiu-Gen Zhou, Nai-Feng Liu, Pei-Li Xie
Effect of losartan and captopril on expression of cardiac angiotensin II AT1 receptor mRNA in rats following myocardial infarction   Pages (431-434)
Gao-Xing Zhang, Shou-Yue Pu, Ying-Zhen Yang, Xue-Dong Shen, Tian-Qing Peng, Hao-Zhu Chen
Effects of recombinant human endothelial-derived interleukin-8 on hemorrhagic shock in rats   Pages (434-436)
Li-Zan Wang, Jing-Yi Su, Chuan-Yi Lu, Bao-Hong Zhou, Da-Long Ma
Stimulation of locus coeruleus increases arterial pressure in rabbits   Pages (437-440)
Yong-Yue Chen, Zhong-Sun Huang
Dextromethorphan metabolic phenotyping in a Chinese population   Pages (441-444)
Wei-Min Cai, Bing Chen, Yu-Xiu Liu, Xiao Chu
Anionic subsite of active center of Torpedo acetylcholinesterase constructs a part of its conformational epitope   Pages (444-446)
Feng-Hua Fu, Yan-Bin Xin, Feng-Zhen Li, Han Zhang, Man-Ji Sun
Active site of trichosanthin acting as a ribosome-inactivating protein   Pages (447-451)
Zheng-De Xi, Bao-Li Ma, Li-Ming Yang, He-Nian Cao, Mu Wang
Detection of DNA damage in peripheral lymphocytes by 7 compounds using comet assay   Pages (451-454)
Ji-Cheng Wang, Bei-Li Qian
Modulation of multidrug resistance by three bisbenzyl-isoquinolines in comparison with verapamil   Pages (455-458)
Hui Tian, Oi-Chao Pan
Inhibition of harringtonine-induced apoptosis by tetradecanoylphorbol acetate in human leukemia HL-60 cells   Pages (459-462)
Fan-Hong Meng, Qi-Yang He, Hong-Qing Zhang, Shao-Bai Xue
Effects of Ro 31-8220 on smooth muscle cell proliferation induced by fibrinogen degradation products   Pages (463-465)
Bin Zhou, Jun-Ping Zhang, Zhen-Lin Hu, Xue-Bin Tao, Ding-Hua Qian
Uptake of 99mTc(5+)-complexes in ischemic myocardial slices and their dissociable ability   Pages (465-467)
Shao-lin Li, Xue-Xian Yan, Xiao-Yun Liu
Effect of brucine on mouse nonspecific immune responses   Pages (468-470)
Hong-Wei Zhao, Yue-Hua Li, Yan-Na Zhu, Shi-Ai Weng, Yan Zhang, Shi-Wen Ge
Effects of low-molecular-weight Rehmannia glutinosa polysaccharides on p53 gene expression   Pages (471-474)
Xiao-Long Wei, Xiang-Bin Ru
Somatostatin and electroacupuncture inhibited c-fos expression in spinal cord of arthritic rats   Pages (474-476)
Huai-Zhen Ruan, Xi-Cheng Li, Hai-Di Li, Bang-Yun Zhao
Actions of salvianolic acid A on CCl4-poisoned liver injury and fibrosis in rats   Pages (478-480)
Yi-Yang Hu, Ping Liu, Cheng Liu, Lie-Ming Xu, Cheng-Hai Liu, Da-Yuan Zhu, Mei-Fen Huang