Vol 15, No 1 (January 1994): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Sympatho-inhibitory effects of r-l-glutamyl-l-dopa in conscious rabbits   Pages (17-21)
Zhi-qin Wang, Kazumasa Shimizu, Diana Way, John Secombe, Barry P Mcgrath
Presence of endothelium masks direct vasodilator effects of pyrogallol and methylthioninium chloride in perfused rat mesenteric artery   Pages (21-27)
Yuan-jian Li, Sue Piper Duckles
Frequency- and voltage-dependent inhibition of delayed outward potassium current by flecainide in isolated atrial cell of guinea pig heart.   Pages (28-32)
Bao-feng Yang, Zhi-min Du, Sawada Kohei
Synthesis of a new hydroxyethylene dipeptide isostere Phe psi [CH2CH (OH)]Phe as HIV-1 protease inhibitor   Pages (33-35)
Huai Gu Chen, Tomi K Sawyer, Peter G M Wuts
Effects of U-50 488H, a kappa-agonist, on action potentials of isolated ventricular papillary muscle of guinea pigs   Pages (36-38)
Jian-zhong Shen, Hui Dong, Tak-ming Wong
Application of NONMEM method for evaluation of relative biological availability of ofloxacin   Pages (39-42)
Zhen Li, Zhang Chen, Hai-tong Zhuo
Topical capsaicin treatment suppresses formalin-induced fos expression in rat spinal cord   Pages (43-46)
Miao Zhang, Ru-rong Ji, Yuan Fang, Ji-sheng Han
Antitumor effect of alpha isomer of anordrin in vitro and cell cycle arrest at G1 phase   Pages (47-50)
Sheng-mei Weng, Yong-ping Xu, Bin Xu
Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of human recombinant interleukin-2 in mice   Pages (51-56)
Zhong-ming Tang, Xiu-wen Liu, Lan-ping Xu, Chuan-wei Shan, Qian-sheng Song
Synergistic effect of probimane on anticancer cytotoxicity of doxorubicin in vitro   Pages (56-59)
Yu Zhang, Qi-xia Ye, Jian Liu, Zheng-yan Zhang, Tan-mu Zhang
Presynaptic histamine H1- and H3-receptors modulate sympathetic neurotransmission in isolated guinea pig vas deferens   Pages (60-64)
Xiao-xing Liu, Yue-hua Tan
Inhibitory effects of triazolodiazepine on mouse splenocytes and peritoneal macrophages in vitro   Pages (65-68)
Dian-wen Ju, Qin-yue Zheng, Hong-bin Wang, Jun Fang
Effects of mebendazole, albendazole, and praziquantel on fumarate hydratase, pyruvate kinase, and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase of Echinococcus granulosus cyst wall harbored in mice   Pages (69-72)
Shu-hua Xiao, Jian-jun Feng, Hui-fang Guo, Pei-ying Jiao, Min-yi Yao, Wei Jiao
C-fos expression in rat brain during seizure and electroacupuncture   Pages (73-75)
Bu-er Wang, Jie-shi Chen
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of norepinephrine and serotonin on somatosensory evoked potentials in rabbits   Pages (75-78)
Yan Dong, Cheng-tong Dong
Whole-body autoradiographic localization of catecholamic acid in mice   Pages (79-81)
Jian-shi Zhang, You-yi Liang, Xue-ming Yan
Sodium ferulate alleviated paracetamol-induced liver toxicity in mice   Pages (81-83)
Hui Wang, Ren-xiu Peng
Pharmacokinetics of harringtonine liposomes in rabbits   Pages (84-86)
Huai-liang Wu, Guo-ying Weng, Zhao-hui Wu, You-cai Lu
Effects of bimolane on cell cycle cytokinesis in human lymphocytes in vitro   Pages (87-89)
Kai-xian Xue, Guo-jian Ma, Jian-zhong Wu
Distribution of 131I-cytotoxin 14 from Naja naja atra venom in rats   Pages (90-92)
Mu-ping Guo, Qing-chuan Wang, Guang-fen Liu
Effects of dl-tetrahydropalmatine on blood pressure and norepinephrine and epinephrine contents in peripheral tissues   Pages (92-96)
Shu-hua Xing, Xiao-qun Ge, Mei Yan, Chun-fu Bian