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C-fos expression in rat brain during seizure and electroacupuncture

Bu-er Wang, Jie-shi Chen


C-fos proteins were visualized immunohistochemically in the brain of rats after seizures induced by injecting penicillin into hippocampus and by penicillin+electroacupuncture treatment. Three hours following seizures there was an evident expression of c-fos proteins in the hippocampus (CA1 area), dentate gyrus, piriform cortex, dorsal part of entorhinal cortex, and amygdaloid nucleus, and there was a dramatic increase of c-fos proteins in CA3 area and the areas mentioned above except the CA1 area where c-fos proteins apparently decreased after electroacupuncture treatment. The results showed that seizures can induce c-fos proteins in some nuclei related with seizure and that electroacupuncture can also regulates the c-fos expression after seizure

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