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Inhibitory effects of triazolodiazepine on mouse splenocytes and peritoneal macrophages in vitro

Dian-wen Ju, Qin-yue Zheng, Hong-bin Wang, Jun Fang


Effects of triazolodiazepine (Tri) on mouse splenocyte proliferation and macrophage phagocytosis were studied. Tri 0.1-10 mumol.L-1 significantly inhibited concanavalin A (Con A) 5 micrograms.ml-1 and lipopolysaccharides (LPS) 10 micrograms.ml-1-induced splenocyte proliferation and phagocytic activity of activated peritoneal macrophages. Tri 10 mumol.L-1 reduced Con A-induced colony stimulating factor release from mouse splenocytes and LPS-challenged intracellular and extracellular interleukin-1 production from peritoneal macrophages. These results partially explain the wide and strong anti-inflammatory effects of Tri.

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