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Whole-body autoradiographic localization of catecholamic acid in mice

Jian-shi Zhang, You-yi Liang, Xue-ming Yan


Catecholamic acid [catechol-3,6-bis-(methyleneimino diacetic acid)] is a chelating agent synthesized in our institute. Whole-body autoradiographic study was carried out to determine the distribution of [14C]catecholamic acid in 5 adult male mice. Each mouse was injected i.v. 370 kBq. After various times the mice, under ether anesthesia, were immersed in a mixture of dry ice and hexane. Whole-body sections were made at -20 C, 20 microns in thickness. Results showed: (1) At 5 min, higher radioactivities appeared in blood, kidneys, gastrointestinal mucosa, bone, skin, and hair; moderate concentrations in liver, lungs, spleen, and salivary glands. (2) During 20 min and 3 h, the radioactivities decreased (gradually) in all tissues except the bone. (3) Intense radioactivity persisted in the bone, while only traces remained in the kidneys and intestinal mucosa throughout the 24 h period of observation

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