Vol 11, No 3 (May 1990): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Modulation of neuronal activity of locus coeruleus in rats induced by excitatory amino acids   Pages (193-195)
Han-xian PING, Hui-qiu WU, Guo-qing LIU
Effects of four dopamine agonists on l-tetrahydropalmatine-induced analgesia and electroacupuncture analgesia in rabbits   Pages (196-200)
Gang WU, Jian-wei JIANG, Gen-cheng WU, Xiao-ding CAO
Simultaneous electric activities of pain-excitation and pain-inhibition neurons in nucleus parafascicularis of thalamus in rats during acute morphine tolerance   Pages (200-203)
Man-ying XU, Ming-zhi SUN, Li-zhuang YANG, Li-min ZHANG, Ji-sheng HAN
Analgesic and antipyretic effects of cyproheptadine   Pages (204-207)
Jian-quan TAN, Cun-kun FAN, Jie CUI, Bing XU
Neuromuscular blocking and respiratory depressing actions of sodium ammonium dimethyl-2-(propano-1,3-dithiosulfate) monohydrate   Pages (207-210)
Bo-jin CAO, Zhi-kang CHEN, Zhi-qiang CHI
Difference of tolerances to isoprenaline between tracheal and vascular smooth muscles and cardiac conduction system in guinea pigs   Pages (210-212)
Shu-jin ZHAO, Gui-ling SUN, Yong-shu CAO
Effects of total saponins of Panax notoginseng on Ca2+ influx into myocardial cells]   Pages (213-217)
Hong-tai LI, Lin SHI
Effects of sulmazole on beating rate and cAMP levels in cultured cardiomyocytes   Pages (217-220)
Chao-yu MIAO, Ke-ming GU
Effects of dauricine and lidocaine alone or combined on electrophysiological properties of canine Purkinje fibers   Pages (220-225)
Jie-quan ZHU, Fan-dian ZENG, Chong-jia HU
Rate-dependent depression of maximal rate of depolarization in guinea pig papillary muscle action potentials by changrolin   Pages (225-229)
Yan KUANG, Tian-pei LIU
Effects of metoclopramide on Vmax of action potentials in guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (229-231)
Xiao-dong LU, Geng-sheng ZHAO
Effects of methylflavonolamine hydrochloride on action potentials of isolated guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (232-235)
Shu-ren GUO, Er-feng ZHOU
Effects of praeruptorin C on isolated guinea pig atrium and myocardial compliance in patients   Pages (235-238)
Xin WU, Man-ren RAO
Effects of sodium molybdate on guinea pig atria contractility   Pages (239-241)
Xin MA, Xiao-guang LI
Effects of dauricine on slow action potentials in myocardium   Pages (241-245)
Xian-gang ZONG, Ming-xing JIANG
Protecting effects of m-nifedipine on isoproterenol-induced myocardial injury in rats   Pages (245-249)
Nian-hang CHEN, Man-ren RAO
Effect of nicorandil on coronary circulation in ischemic region   Pages (249-253)
Shi-liang CHEN, Miao-zhang ZHU, Xiao-bing FENG, Lan-sun LI, Yi-min ZANG
Anti-arrhythmic effects of matrine   Pages (253-257)
Bao-heng ZHANG, Nian-sheng WANG, Xue-jun LI, Xiang-jun KONG, Yu-li CAI
Effects of ranitidine and cimetidine on automaticity in isolated myocardium of guinea pig   Pages (257-260)
Xiao-xing LUO, Yue-hua TAN
Effect of dazoxiben on the metabolism of arachidonic acid in isolated porcine basilar arteries   Pages (261-264)
Yao-cheng RUI, Du-xin SUN, Ai-you LIN
Induction by kopsinine of hepatic mixed-function oxidase in mice   Pages (264-268)
Wan-yun HUANG, Geng-tao LIU
Antifertility actions of gossypol derivatives and analogues   Pages (268-271)
Wen-hua WANG, Zong-han YU, Ming CAI, Xiao-mei XU, Guo-pei WU
Induction of retarded exoerythrocytic schizonts by chloroguanide resulting in delayed parasitaemia of Plasmodium inui in Macaca mulatta   Pages (272-274)
Jing-bo JIANG, Jia-yi LIAO, Jian-cheng HUANG, Dong-sheng LIANG, Dao-sheng LI, Zhao-rong LUN
Relationship between the efficacy of mebendazole and immune level of mice infected with secondary cysts of Echinococcus granulosus   Pages (274-278)
Jian-jun FENG, Shu-hua XIAO
Therapeutic effects of 9 antitumor drugs on stomach adenocarcinoma (MKN-28) in nude mice   Pages (278-281)
Ling-ji CHEN, Su-yin ZHANG, Zhou ZHANG, Yu-hua SHU, Jia-liu ZHANG
Anti-inflammatory effects of verapamil, nifedipine and nicardipine   Pages (281-285)
Wei-ru CHEN, Yong-xin YANG, Hui-qin ZHENG, Si-ya A, Fa LIU
Effects of neutrophils on histamine release from mast cells   Pages (285-288)
Yao-chen WANG, Ru-lian BIAN, Han-liang ZHOU
Cisplatin and 5-FU infusions in therapy of advanced squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck in 50 Indian patients   Pages (288-288)