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Anti-inflammatory effects of verapamil, nifedipine and nicardipine

Wei-ru CHEN, Yong-xin YANG, Hui-qin ZHENG, Si-ya A, Fa LIU


Anti-inflammatory effects of calcium antagonists verapamil (Ver), nifedipine (Nif) and nicardipine (Nic) were compared. They all produced significant inhibitions in acute and chronic inflammatory models in a dose-dependent manner. The ED30 in the capillary permeability were: Ver 18, Nif 12 and Nic 8 mg/kg, respectively. In the xylene-induced swelling of mouse ears, the ED30 were: Ver 39, Nif 14, and Nic 25 mg/kg, respectively. In the carrageenan paw edema of mice, and in the acetic acid-induced pleurisy and cotton granuloma of rats these drugs inhibited inflammatory responses at 5 or 10 mg/kg. Nif showed a greater effect than Ver and Nic on the paw edema, and Ver showed greater effects than NIf and Nic on the pleurisy and granuloma. At 10 mg/kg they depressed the PGE2 content measured by radioimmunoassay in inflammatory tissues of carrageenan paw edema of mice.

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