Vol 5, No 2 (June 1984): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Radioimmunoassay for choline acetyltransferase Pages:73-75
Shi-gan LING, Zhong-qi BAO, Ling LI, Guang-yuan WANG
Drug enzyme induction of antiepilepsirine in mice and rats Pages:76-78
Ya-qing LOU, Bao-shan KUu, Wen-ling WANG, Zheng-xin ZHOU
Effects of clonidine and yohimbine on semicarbazideinduced convulsions and electroconvylsuve shock Pages:79-82
Wang YUE, Shi-shan ZHANG
Effects of clenbuterol on electro-acupuncture analgesia and morphine analgesia in rats Pages:82-84
Shu-yi SU, Shu-qi ZHENG, Yun-yang LU
Anti-inflammatory effect of 3-acetylaconitine Pages:85-89
Xi-can TANG, Zhi-gong LIN, Wen CAI, Nian CHEN, Li SHEN
Modified fluorimetric method for plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine determination Pages:89-92
Lu JIN, Hong-kui JIN, li-sheng LIU
Effect of methuenine on the fast inward sodium current in frog atrial fibres Pages:92-97
Martin-Pierre SAUVIAT
Effect of tetrandrine and verapamil on contractility and oxygen consumption of the heart muscles Pages:97-100
Wei-xing YAO, Guo-jin XIA, Da-chao FANG, Ming-xing JIANG
Anti-arrhythmic effect of total saponins of Panax notoginseng Pages:100-103
Sai LIU, Jun-xiu CHEN
Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor Hoe-498 on noradrenaline-induced vasoconstriction in isolated perfused mesentery of rats Pages:104-105
Ji-zhou XIANG, B A Schölkens
Affinity of five progestin derivatives to progesterone receptors Pages:105-109
Lian-sheng YAO, Jian-liang ZHOU
Absorption, distribution and excretion of (carboxy-14C)bisbromoacetyl hexestrol Pages:109-111
Yi-he LING, Ze HUA, Shang-yuan SUN, You-yi LIANG
Effects of bleomycin A5 on cell cycle of Chinese hamster ovary cells Pages:112-114
Shao-bai XUE, Zhi-hua CHENG, Hui-tu LIU, Shu-wen LI, Hong-qing ZHANG, Ru-xuan CHENG, Yun-ying HU, Pu XU
Effects of potassium on the inhibitory effect of gossypol on Na,K-ATPase in vitro Pages:115-118
Xiao-feng BI, Yun-juan ZHENG, Duan LIANG, Hui-fen YANG
Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity studies on artemether in mice, rats and rabbits Pages:118-122
Li-jian CHEN, Mei-ying WANG, Wei-kang SUN, Ming-zhang LIU
Pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rabbits and six neoplastic patients Pages:122-125
Qi-cai LONG, Qi-chao PAN
Inhibitory effects of sophocarpine on animal tumors Pages:125-130
Xue-mei LI, Lan-zhen LI, Shao-li CHEN, Xiang-huan QIU, Yue-hua YU, Da-xin PAN, Li-ling ZOU, Zi-lan YANG, Yu-sheng HAN
Effect of gamma-schisandrin on metabolism of DNA, ATP and nucleoprotein of cancer cells Pages:130-132
Li-sheng LIU, Xian-hua XIAO, Xiao-xuan WANG, Rong-liang ZHENG, Xiu-fang ZHOU
Releasing effect of thymidine on G1 phase arrest of erythroleukemia cells caused by FUDR and HMBA Pages:133-137
Bin XU, Maurizio DILIBERTO, Richard A RIFKIND, Paul A MARKS
Absorption, distribution and excretion of acronycine in rats Pages:137-140
Chang-xiao LIU, Xiu-juan JI
Distribution of pancreas imaging agents with 11C-amino acids in mice Pages:140-142
Li-sun WU, Guo-dong YANG, Mei-ling JIANG, Cheng DONG
Distribution of pancreas imaging agents with 11C-amino acids in mice Pages:142-144
Qi-xun SUN, Qian-mai JI, Yong-chuan WANG, De-feng XIE, Xi-chang SHI, Yi-fang YE, Zhen-tang ZHOU, Yun WANG, Ruo-ling HUA, Sheng-yang CHEN, Fa-sheng FAN, Chai-jie GU, Liu-fang ZHANG, Yong-jian LI, Hai-qiu BAO, Wei-yu HE