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Reliability of phototoxic tests of fluoroquinolones in vitro.

Authors: Ting Zhang, Jun-Ling Li, Xiao-Chao Ma, Jian Xin, Zeng-Hong Tu


AIM: To make sure the reliability of phototoxic tests in vitro by comparing the phototoxic potential of 4 fluoroquinolones (FQ). METHODS: Lomefloxacin (LFLX), sparfloxacin (SPFX), ciprofloxacin (CPFX), and norfloxacin (NFLX) were tested by Wistar rat phototoxic test and Balb/c mouse phototoxic test in vivo, and Chinese hamster V79 cell micronucleus test and NIH 3T3 MTT test in vitro under the different condition of UVA irradiation. RESULTS: In all experiments, LFLX and SPFX showed higher phototoxic potential compared with the control (P<0.01 vs 1 % CMC), CPFX was mild (P<0.05 vs physiological saline), NFLX did not show phototoxicity in vivo, however at a higher concentration (10 micromol/L) in vitro, it also induced phototoxicity as other FQ. CONCLUSION: There are good correlations between phototoxic tests in vivo and in vitro. These results ensure the validation of phototoxic tests in vitro.

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