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Comparison of cardioprotective effects of mibefradil and ramipril in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Authors: Qin-gui XIA, Alexander REINECKE, Marc DORENKAMP, Christain STORZ, Havvo BITTERLING, Susanne PENZ, Jack CLEUTJENS, Mat JAP DAEMEN, Reichiger SIMON, Thomas UNGER


To elucidate the cardioprotective effects of T-type calcium channel blocker mibefradil and compare with that of the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor ramipril in a stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR-SP) model of congestive heart failure (CHF) after myocardial infarction (MI).
SHR-SP rats were subjected to permanent ligation of the left anterior decending coronary artery. Treatment with mibefradil (10 mg.kg(-1).d(-1)), ramipril (10 mg.kg(-1).d(-1)), or placebo was initiated 4 weeks before surgery and continued up to 6 weeks after induction of MI. Sham-operated rats served as controls.
In placebo-treated MI rats, six weeks after MI, left ventricular circumference, inner diameter, and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP) were increased, whereas mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and maximum rate of rise of left ventricular pressure (dp/dt(max)) were decreased compared with sham-operated controls (P<0.01). In ramipril-treated MI rats, heart weight, heart weight to body weight ratio and interstitial collagen content were reduced (P<0.05, P<0.01), LVEDP was slightly decreased (P>0.05), and dp/dt(max) was improved (P<0.01) compared with placebo-treated MI rats. In contrast, in mibefradil-treated MI rats, heart weight, heart weight to body weight ratio were slightly but not significantly reduced, LVEDP was slightly elevated compared with placebo-treated MI rats, and was elevated (P<0.05) compared with ramipril-treated MI rats, although interstitial collagen content were reduced (P<0.01) compared with placebo-treated MI rats.
Chronic treatment with ramipril diminishes cardiac remodeling of heart failure after MI to a greater extent than mibefradil. Moreover, 6 weeks after MI, mibefradil treatment results in a slight rise in LVEDP compared with placebo-treated rats. Therefore, treatment with mibefradil might be deleterious rather than beneficial compared with ramipril or even placebo treatment in experimental MI.

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