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Toxicity to transferred rat embryos after aspirin treatment during preimplantation stage in vivo.

Yi-Jia Lou, Guang-Sheng Ding, Zeng-Hong Tu



To explore the relationship between drug-induced blastopathies and post-implantation embryotoxicity or developmental defects.


Pregnant rats on d 3 were given intragastrically aspirin (0.25, 0.5, and 1 g.kg-1). On d 4, the blastocysts were transferred into the uterine horns of pseudopregnant rats (made by mating with male rats which had been given intragastrically 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol 5 mg.kg-1 for 5 d). Uterine contents were examined at term.


The frequency of blastocysts with morphological alterations (FBMA) was increased on d 4 of gestation. The implantation rate was lower than that of the controls. A dose-related increase in resorption (55.2%, 69.5%, and 85.2%) and malformation rate (3.8%, 44.4%, and 25%), and decrease in viability rate of fetuses (44.8%, 30.5%, and 14.8%) were observed in test groups with correlations to FBMA.


Embryotoxicity and fetal malformations were induced by treatment of aspirin before implantation in a dose-dependent manner.

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