Vol 17, No 1 (January 1996): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization of vascular smooth muscle: role for a non-nitric oxide synthase product   Pages (3-7)
Gareth J. Waldron, Hui Dong, William C. Cole, Chris R. Triggle

Original Article

Molecular modeling of interactions between tetrahydroprotoberberines and dopamine receptors   Pages (8-12)
Yun Tang, Kai-Xian Chen, Hua-Liang Jiang, Guo-Zhang Jin, Ru-Yun Ji
Two-state stochastic models for memory in ion channels   Pages (13-18)
Ji-Qian Fang, Tao-Yang Ni, Cheng-Zhu Fu, Qing Fan, Yong-Yuan Guan
(-)-stepholidine vs 12-chloroscoulerine enantiomers on firing activity of substantia nigral dopamine neurons.   Pages (18-22)
Xue-Xiang Zhang, Guo-Zhang Jin
Dopamine-induced ionic currents in acutely dissociated rat neurons of CNS   Pages (23-27)
Jie Wu, Pei-Xi Chen
Distributions of mu and delta opioid receptors in central nervous system of SHR rats and normotensive WKY rats   Pages (28-31)
Xia Yin, Yan-Hua Zhu, Shao-Fen Xu
Modulatory effects of gonadorelin on GABA-induced depolarization and GABA-activated current in rat spinal ganglion neurons   Pages (31-34)
Xiao-Ping Zhou, Xiao-Ping Wu, Bing-Cai Guan, Zhi-Wang Li
Effect of desipramine on spontaneous activity of hippocampal CA1 neuron after transient cerebral ischemia in rats.   Pages (35-38)
Zi-Tao Zhu
Effects of nitrendipine on capacity of calcium binding of erythrocyte membrane and total intraerythrocyte calcium content in SHR rats.   Pages (38-40)
You-Lin Wang, Guo-Zhi Tang, Jian-Hua Ding, De-Xing Li
Effects of dipfluzine on cortical somatosensory evoked potentials and amino acid contents in ischemic rat brain.   Pages (41-44)
Yong-Li Wang, Rui-Rong He
Influences of ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 on reversible focal brain ischemia in rats.   Pages (44-48)
Ying-Ge Zhang, Tian-Pei Liu
Cardiovascular effects of injection of argipressin into lateral septal nuclei in rats.   Pages (49-52)
Lie Gao, Nai-Chang Jiang, Qing-Hua Luo, Zhu-Xia Zhu
Toxicity to transferred rat embryos after aspirin treatment during preimplantation stage in vivo.   Pages (52-54)
Yi-Jia Lou, Guang-Sheng Ding, Zeng-Hong Tu
Effects of tetrandrine on cytosolic free calcium in cultured rat myocardial cells.   Pages (55-58)
Xin-Tian Li, You-Lin Wang
Suberogorgin vs N-cyclohexyl suberogorgamide effects on urine, respiration, and blood pressure in rat and cat.   Pages (58-60)
Wen-Duo Du, Shi-Bo Xu
Effect of emodin on c-myc proto-oncongen expression in cultured rat mesangial cells.   Pages (61-63)
Zhi-Hong Liu, Lei-Shi Li, Wei-Xin Hu, Hong Zhou
Effects of egtazic acid and calcimycin on synthesis of DNA and collagen in cultured human lung fibroblasts.   Pages (63-65)
Hai-Lin Liu, Han-Ming Lu, Ding-Guo Li, Feng Qi, Zu-Ming Jiang
Comparison between kinetics of positive inotropism of ibopamine and ouabain   Pages (66-68)
Jun Huang, Yin Dai, Yi-Tang Chou, Xu Hong, Jia-Zi Huang, Feng Yu, De-Zai Dai
Synergism of sobuzoxane in combination with doxorubicin against leukemia P388 in mice   Pages (69-71)
Zhi-Qiang Dai, Jian-Yi Xu, Xing-Ju Yuan, Jun-Chao Cai
Effects of aspirin and nifedipine alone or in combination on hemodynamics in anesthetized dogs   Pages (72-74)
Yi-Min Song, Zeng-Xi Li, Shan Shi