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Suberogorgin vs N-cyclohexyl suberogorgamide effects on urine, respiration, and blood pressure in rat and cat.

Wen-Duo Du, Shi-Bo Xu



To compare the pharmacological actions of suberogorgin (Sub) and N-cyclohexyl suberogorgamide (N-CS).


Urine was collected from rats and anesthetized cats which had been loaded with water. The concentrations of Na+ and K+ in urine were determined in ICAP-9000 atomic emission spectrometry. An equitoxic (1/50 LD50) dose of Sub and N-CS was used in cats.


The cat urine was decreased by 63% after i.v. Sub 0.4 mg.kg-1, but increased by 25% after i.v. N-CS 1.5 mg.kg-1, lasting at least 9 h. Sub and N-CS increased the respiratory rate and tidal volume, but did not change the blood pressure. The rat urine was decreased by 48% after i.p. Sub 1.3 mg.kg-1, but increased by 14% after i.p. N-CS 3.2 mg.kg-1. Sub and N-CS increased the concentrations of Na+ and K+ in rat urine. These effects lasted at least 24 h.


Sub is an antidiuretic, while N-CS is a diuretic drug.

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