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Toxicity of medium chain triglycerides and its influence on serum cholesterol

Jue-min SHI, Xue-xin CHEN, Wen-juan ZHANG, Ming-hua ZHOU, Jia-luo YANG, Yao-cheng YIN


Medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a kind of neutral fats extracted from camphor tree drupes and composed mainly of C10 saturated fatty acid triglycerides, were hydrolyzed and absorbed rapidly. When dogs were fed MCT 2 or 5 ml/kg/d for 102 d there were no remarkable changes in ECG, hematological and histological examinations, as well as hepatic and renal function tests.
The blood content of MCFA reached the peak at 1.5 h after feeding and then declined in 4 h.
MCT reduced serum and liver cholesterol levels in rabbits, rats, and dogs.
MCT is very stable and can safely be used as medicine and nutriment.

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