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Antitumor activity of total saponins from Dolichos falcatus Klein

Hou-pin Huang, Cai-fen Cheng, Wen-qin Lin, Guo-xiong Yang, Jie-yun Song, Guang-you Ren


The total saponins, isolated from the root of Dolichos falcatus Klein, ip to mice showed a marked antitumor activity on sarcoma 37 but no effects on sarcoma 180, U14, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and Ehrlich solid carcinoma. The saponins caused a direct lethal cytotoxicity on S37, but had no effect on phagocytic index of peritoneal phagocytes in the mice.
The acute ig and ip LD in mice were 510±40 and 14.9±1.4 mg/kg, respectively. When the saponins were injected sc 10 mg/kg qd×14 d, no noticeable changes were seen in blood picture, urine routine test and morphology of heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

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