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Assessing phylogenetic relationships of Lycium samples using RAPD and entropy theory

Authors: Xiao-lin Yin, Kai-tai Fang, Yi-zeng Liang, Ricky NS Wong, Amber Wyha


Aim: To evaluate the phylogenetic relationships among related species of Lycium samples.
Methods: Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) fingerprinting and lab-on-a-chip electrophoresis techniques were used to analyze the characteristics of Lycium species. Seven species and 3 varieties of Lycium were studied. Based on RAPD fingerprint data obtained from 11 primers, we proposed a new index, called dispersivity, using entropy theory and projection methods to depict the diversity of the DNA fingerprints.
Results: Using the proposed dispersivity, primers were sorted and the dendrograms of the 7 species and 3 varieties of Lycium were constructed synthetically by merging primer information.
Conclusion: Phylogenetic relationships among Lycium samples were constructed synthetically based on RAPD fingerprint data generated from 11 primers.

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