Vol 26, No 10 (October 2005): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Introduction to 3D reconstruction of macromolecules using single particle electron microscopy Pages:1153-1164
Oscar Llorca
HIV entry inhibitors: a new generation of antiretroviral drugs Pages:1165-1173
Elias Krambovitis, Filippos Porichis, Demetrios A Spandidos

Original Articles

A robust homogeneous binding assay for alpha4bold beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor Pages:1175-1180
Xin Hui, Jie Gao, Xin Xie, Naoki Suto, Tsuyoshi Ogiku, Ming-Wei Wang
Identification of human dopamine D1-like receptor agonist using a cell-based functional assay Pages:1181-1186
Nan Jiang, Ke-qing Ou-yang, Shao-xi Cai, Ying-he Hu, Zhi-liang Xu
Comparative study on pharmacological effects of DM-phencynonate hydrochloride and its optical isomers Pages:1187-1192
Li-yun Wang, Jian-quan Zheng, Yun Wang, Bo-hua Zhong, Jin-xiu Ruan, Ke-liang Liu
Gene transfer of heat-shock protein 20 protects against ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat hearts Pages:1193-1200
Yan-hui Zhu, Tie-min Ma, Xian Wang
Novel cyclophilin D inhibitors derived from quinoxaline exhibit highly inhibitory activity against rat mitochondrial swelling and Ca2+ uptake/release Pages:1201-1211
Hong-xia Guo, Feng Wang, Kun-qian Yu, Jing Chen, Dong-lu Bai, Kai-xian Chen, Xu Shen, Hua-liang Jiang
Effects of propyl gallate on interaction between TNF-alpha and sTNFR-I using an affinity biosensor Pages:1212-1216
Jing Li, Jia-dong Huang, Bao-yan Wu, Qiang Chen
Assessing phylogenetic relationships of Lycium samples using RAPD and entropy theory Pages:1217-1224
Xiao-lin Yin, Kai-tai Fang, Yi-zeng Liang, Ricky NS Wong, Amber Wyha
Cloning, expression, and characterization of pollen allergens from Humulus scandens (Lour) Merr and Ambrosia artemisiifolia L Pages:1225-1232
Ai-lin Tao, Shao-heng He
Role of arachidonic acid in hyposmotic membrane stretch-induced increase in calcium-activated potassium currents in gastric myocytes Pages:1233-1242
Meng Yang, Xing-lan Li, Hui-ying Xu, Jia-bin Sun, Bin Mei, Hai-feng Zheng, Lian-hua Piao, De-gang Xing, Zhai-liu Li, Wen-xie Xu
Anti-implantation effect of droloxifene in rats and its relationship with anti-estrogenic activity Pages:1243-1247
Yong Huang, Yu Shen, Ying Feng, Lin Cao, Ying Leng
Anticancer activity of sodium caffeate and its mechanism Pages:1248-1252
Feng Xu, Sheng-hua Zhang, Rong-guang Shao, Yong-su Zhen
Expression of proline-rich Akt-substrate PRAS40 in cell survival pathway and carcinogenesis Pages:1253-1258
Bei Huang, Gavin Porter
Radioimmunotherapy of carcinoma of colon with [131I]- labeled recombinant chimeric monoclonal antibodies to carcinoembryonic antigen Pages:1259-1264
Qiu-jun Lu, Guang-xing Bian, Yuan-yuan Chen, Min Zhang, Shao-ming Guo, Li-qing Wen
Deguelin regulates nuclear pore complex proteins Nup98 and Nup88 in U937 cells in vitro Pages:1265-1273
Hong-li Liu, Yan Chen, Guo-hui Cui, Qiu-ling Wu, Jing He, Wei-hua Chen, Jian-feng Zhou
Pharmacokinetics of sifuvirtide, a novel anti-HIV-1 peptide, in monkeys and its inhibitory concentration in vitro Pages:1274-1280
Shu-jia Dai, Gui-fang Dou, Xiao-hong Qian, Hai-feng Song, Zhong-ming Tang, De-sheng Liu, Xiu-wen Liu, Liu-meng Yang, Yong-tang Zheng, Qing Liang