Perfect high throughput screening assay: a crucial technique for drug discovery

Authors: Guan-hua Du


Since being developed approximately 20 years ago, high
throughput screening (HTS) has become one of the key techniques
used in drug discovery[1]. However, three main problems
are recognized with the use of HTS; namely, with the
compound library, drug targets, and assay methods. Until
now, the compound library has evolved based on the techniques
of combinatorial chemistry and modern phytochemistry.
Several functional proteins have emerged following
the advance of genomics and proteomics. However,
although many functional proteins have been discovered
recently, they are not, as sometimes claimed, real drug targets;
at best, they might be potential drug targets. The ideal targets
selected for drug screening should qualify as drug targets[
2]. The selection of targets for drug screening is a crucial
procedure in drug screening.

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