Vol 11, No 4 (July 1990): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Pharmacokinetics and autoradiography of [3H] or [14C]stepholidine   Pages (289-292)
Zhen-de ZHANG, Chen-min ZHOU, Guo-zhang JIN, Xin ZHANG, Liu YANG
Effects of phencyclidine analogs and phencyclidine/sigma ligands on vasoconstrictor response of rat mesenteric arteries induced by electrical field stimulation   Pages (293-295)
Yi-feng LU, Feng-yan SUN, An-zhong ZHANG
Ventricular arrhythmia evoked by microinjection of picrotoxin into brain areas in rabbits   Pages (296-299)
An-yang SUN, De-xing LI
Effects of 7-methoxy-4'-hydroxyl-3'-diethylaminomethylisoflavone on heart atrium and ventricular papillary muscles of guinea pig   Pages (300-303)
Hui MIAO, Wen-bin XIAO, Bo-yi QIN
Effect of nimodipine on the contraction and the Ca influx of rat aorta   Pages (304-307)
Hui DONG, Zao-chen YANG, Xiang WEI
Effects of trihexyphenidyl on basilar artery of rabbits and cerebrovascular circulation of rats   Pages (308-310)
Gui-qing ZHANG, Min QI, Jun KE, Ying-ge ZHANG
Electrophysiological effects of m-nisoldipine and nisoldipine on papillary muscles of guinea pig   Pages (310-314)
Rui-hai AN, Rui-rong HE
Effects of benzyltetrahydropalmatine on action potentials of myocardium and transmembrane K+ and Ca2+ currents in Purkinje fibers   Pages (314-317)
Wei-zhong ZENG, Guo-jin XIA, Wei-xing YAO, Xian-gang ZONG, Ming-xing JIANG
Frequency- and voltage-dependent effects of changrolin on maximal upstroke velocity of action potentials in guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (317-321)
Hui PAN, Wei-qun SHEN, Zhi-ming YU, Bin XU
Protective effects of nicorandil on lipid peroxidation in ischemic and reperfused myocardium of rabbits   Pages (321-323)
Ying-min ZHAO, De-hua ZHAO, Bao-heng SHENG
Effects of superoxide dismutase on ischemic reperfusion injury in isolated working heart and cultured myocardial cells of rats   Pages (324-328)
Mei-feng XU, Dao-sheng WANG, Xing-zhi CHEN
Influence of dexamethasone on electrical activities in cultured rat beating myocardial cells infected with Coxsackie B-2 virus   Pages (328-331)
Wei-long YUAN, Hao-zhu CHEN, Ying-zhen YANG, Xue-yi YANG, You-shan LIN, Tai-sheng Zhou
Effects of schizandrin B and schisanhenol on drug metabolizing-phase II enzymes and estradiol metabolism   Pages (331-335)
Hua LU, Geng-tao LIU
Effects of sodium artesunate on electrical properties and Na+,K(+)-ATPase activities of mouse small intestine   Pages (335-337)
Jing-yan WANG, Li-zhen YUAN, Ming-dao WANG
Effects of CI-930, a novel phosphodiesterase III inhibitor, on platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism   Pages (338-343)
Xin-sheng CHEN, Hua-wu ZENG, Yuan-ying JIANG, Wei-qin WAN, Kun LONG
Effects of platelet-activating factor on rat mesenteric microcirculation   Pages (344-346)
Shao-hua LI, Xiao-qi GONG, Xia FEI, Zhong-li WU
Inhibitory effect of dauricine on platelet activating factor released from calcimycin-induced mouse peritoneal macrophages   Pages (346-350)
Guo-qian ZENG, Yao-cheng RUI
Effects of galanin on electrical activity of pancreatic islet cells   Pages (350-354)
Xiao-wen FU, Zi-wen QIAN, Jing-ru ZHANG
Enhancement of T lymphocyte proliferation and suppression of antibody producing cell formation by methionine-enkephalin   Pages (355-359)
Si-xun YANG, Xiao-yu LI
Tissue schizontocidal action and acute toxicity of trifluoroacetyl primaquine   Pages (359-362)
Xiu-yu YE, Bao-ruo SHAO
Mercaptodextran--a new copper chelator and scavenger of oxygen radicals   Pages (363-367)
Selective cytotoxicity against human tumor cells by an anti-gastric cancer monoclonal antibody-mitomycin C conjugate   Pages (367-370)
Song LI, Xue-yong ZHANG, Xi-tao CHEN, Su-yin ZHANG, Ling-ji CHEN, Jia-liu ZHANG
Effects of 7 drugs on cutaneous blood flow evoked by electric stimulation of rat sciatic nerve   Pages (371-373)
Ji-qiang CHEN, Norifumi YONEHARA, Yasuo IMAI, Yasuhiro OOI, Reizo INOKI, Ru-lian BIAN
Growth inhibition in vitro of Mycobacterium smegmatis by ten N-aryl glycyl hydrazides   Pages (374-374)
Effects of Phytolacca acinosa polysaccharides I on cytotoxicity of macrophages and its production of tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 1   Pages (375-377)
Jun-ping ZHANG, Ding-hua QIAN, Qin-yue ZHENG
Effects of 10-hydroxycamptothecin on induced chromosome aberrations in Chinese hamster ovary cells and micronuclei in mouse bone marrow and fetal liver   Pages (378-381)
Zeng-hong TU, Mei-ying WANG, Wei-qi XIAO, Xiao-dong QI, Wei-dong TANG
Enhancement of antitumor activity of bleomycin A5 in mouse sarcoma 180 cells in vitro and in vivo by verapamil   Pages (381-384)
Nong-gao HE, Hong-qing ZHANG, Rui-hong WANG, Xin-lin YANG, Shao-bai XUE