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Effect of nimodipine on the contraction and the Ca influx of rat aorta

Hui DONG, Zao-chen YANG, Xiang WEI


The relaxant effect of nimodipine (Nim) on rat aorta was studied in vitro. Nim inhibited KCl-induced contraction (IC50 = 40 nmol/L) more potently than NE-induced contraction (IC50 = 20 mumol/L), but did as equipotently as KCl-induced 45Ca influx (IC50 = 30 nmol/L). There was a positive correlation between inhibiting the KCl-induced 45Ca influx and the contraction (r = 0.98). However, it inhibited the NE-induced 45Ca influx (IC50 = 60 nmol/L) more potently than the NE-induced contraction. Verapamil inhibited the 2 components of NE-induced contraction significantly, while Nim only inhibited the contraction evoked by extracellular Ca2+ influx significantly. Nim did not influence the 45Ca influx into resting cells of rat aorta. These results suggest that the relaxant effect of Nim on rat aorta may be closely related to the blockade of Ca2+ entry through both potential-dependent calcium channels (PDC) and receptor-operated calcium channels (ROC), while the action on PDC seems to play a more important role than that on ROC.

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