Vol 8, No 1 (January 1987): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Comparison between Scatchard and dose—response ratio equations and their application Pages(6-10)
Chun Yang
Analgesic activity and respiratory inhibition of 3-(β-phenylethyl)- 9β-methoxy- 9α- (m-hydroxyphenyI)-3-azabicyclo)-3-3azabicyclo[3,3, 1]-nonane (P-7521 ) in rabbits Pages(10-13)
Jie Zhou, Wei-Jun Zheng, Zhi-Qiang Chi
Action of VX on torpedo acetylcholinesterase Pages(13-18)
Yi Luo, Song-Cheng Yang, Qi-Kai Zhang
Cholinesterase inhibition by huperzine B Pages(18-22)
Hong Xu, Xi-Can Tang
Antagonism of the neuromuscular blocking effect of polymyxin B by 3,4-diaminopyridine Pages(22-25)
Xiang-Ming Fang, Yuan-Pei Zhang, Yu-Liang Shi, Wen-Ping Wang
Effects of hyoscine-N-butyl bromide on electroencephalography and neuromuscular junction Pages(26-30)
Shi-Min Lu, Xian-Yu Chen
Postsynaptic α2 adrenoceptors in coronary artery and its role in sympathetic induced vasoconstriction Pages(30-35)
Da-Guang Chen, Xue-Zheng Dai, Ben G Zimmerman, Robert J Bache
Afferent pathways of aortic baroreceptor fibers in guinea pigs Pages(35-40)
Hong-Shuo Sun, David F Biggs
Electrophysiological effects of vanilol on isolated papillary muscles of guinea pigs and atrioventricular conduction of rabbits Pages(40-44)
Ji-Gao Xiao, Xuan-De Li, Tian-Pei Liu
Effect ofβ-adrenoceptor agonists on vascular smooth muscle contraction and transmitter release in portal vein from spontaneously hypertensive rats Pages(45-49)
Chun-Sheng Xue, T C Westfall, M J Meldrum
Hypotensive and vasodilator effects of triacetonamine as demonstrated by intravital microcirculation method Pages(49-53)
Anthony Koo, Shi-Bo Xu, Yong-Cheng Lin, Kang-Hou Long
Effects of 1-nitropyrene pretreatment on the mixed-function oxidases of rat liver Pages(53-57)
Shao-Xiong He, Francis C P Law
Influences of acetagastrodin on fetuses of mice and rats Pages(57-59)
Jian-Ming Xiong, Yun-Qiang Mo, Bin Liang, Zhi-He Chen, Shi-Xian Deng
Effect of praziquantel on mice immunity in early stage after infection with Schistosoma japonicum cercariae1 Pages(60-63)
Shu-Hua Xiao, Gong-Ze Wu, Hai-Chou Xue, Hui-Fang Guo, Guang-Cheng Song, Li-Shu Qiu
Effects of chloroquine on polyamines and nucleic acid of malaria parasites Pages(63-68)
Zuo-Yue Huang, Xiu-Lan Fu, Ke-Ying Wu, Ju-Jun Wang
Antimalarial activity of tripynadine in mice and monkeys Pages(68-71)
Cong-Jun Li, Zu-Rui Dai, Lin Chen, Chang Chen, Xian-Yu Zheng
Action of sodium artesunate on [3H]uridine incorporation and cell membrane of mouse spleen cells Pages(72-76)
Qian-Li Song, Xing-Yu Lin, Ren-De Zhang, Hui-Zhu Zhang
Immunological inhibition of nicardipine Pages(76-79)
Wei-Ru Chen, Jian Hu, Hong-Quan Zhang
Effect of cyclophosphamide on serum complement in mice Pages(79-83)
Xiao-Yu Li, Zi-Ying Lin, Peng-Peng Zhu, Yun-Fang Jin
Effect of oridonin and bleomycin A 5 combination on DNA syntheses in tumor and bone marrow cells Pages(83-86)
Ma-Gang Shou, Mian-Ying Wang, Qi Wang, Tan-Mu Zhang
Cytotoxicity of hydroxycamptothecin and four other antineoplastic agents on KB cells Pages(86-90)
Xin-Wei Wang, Wei-Juan Yu, ZU-Ming Shen, Jin-Long Yang, Bin Xu
Absorption and distribution of hematoporphyrin derivative in mice bearing tumor Pages(90-92)
Ke-Qin Wang, Gang Yu, Wen-Zhen Gao, Wei Li
Fluorescence-sensitized autoradiography of tissue incorporation of [75Se]selenomethionine Pages(93-96)
Shou-Peng Zhu, Xian-Xiang Chu