Vol 7, No 1 (January 1986): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Effects of ginseng root saponins on central transmitters and plasma corticosterone in warm-stress rats   Pages (6-8)
Xiu-juan CHENG, Yu-lan LIU, Gui-Feng LIN, Xiao-tian LUO
Central convulsive action of l-securinine   Pages (9-12)
Shang-cheng TAO, Jian-zhong FENG, Man-wen LU
Selected inhibition of aminooxyacetic acid on a high-affinity GABA uptake system in mouse brain homogenates   Pages (13-15)
Jian-qin ZHU, Yu SUN, Xin-guang WANG
Influence of cigarette nicotine on learning and memory of mice   Pages (16-18)
Xiang-yun LIANG, Wei-zheng ZHANG
Analgesic effect of metorphamide on skin pain and visceral pain   Pages (19-22)
Shao-fen XU, Wen-xiao LU, Kai-rong ZHOU, Xiao-hua HUANG, Wan-ying MO, Wei-min XU, An-zhong ZHANG, Jaw-kang CHANG
Effects of aconitine on neuromuscular transmission and the superior cervical ganglion   Pages (23-25)
Shi-fang LIU, Sha-sha ZHANG, Wen-xing ZHANG
Inhibitory action of ribostamycin sulfate on neuromuscular transmission   Pages (26-30)
Huai-de SHU, Li-hua ZHANG, Jian-wei GU, Lin-ai CHEN
Inhibitory action of morphine and chlorpromazine on defecation in mice   Pages (31-33)
Bao-hua LI, Xing-yu YANG
Effects of silybin on hemodynamics in anesthetized open-chest cats   Pages (34-36)
Yao-cheng RUI, Xin-sheng CHEN, Ai-hua GUAN, Ju-shan HAN
Effect of 3,4-dihydroxyacetophenone on generation of PGI2-like substances in rat aorta   Pages (37-40)
Zhong WANG, Hai-quan GAO, Guo-qiang ZHU, Yan AN, Ru-song HUANG
Effects of tetrandrine o KCl-, CaCl2- and norepinephrine-induced contractions of isolated rabbit main pulmonary arteries   Pages (40-43)
Xiu-feng ZHENG, Ru-lian BIAN
Effect of nine adrenergic drugs on experimental myocardial infarction in rats   Pages (44-46)
Ning XU, Tian-pei LIU
Comparison of effects of propranolol on action potentials of normal and hypoxic myocardial cells   Pages (47-50)
Zhen-yuan LI
Analysis of anti-arrhythmic activity of cimetidine in anesthetized guinea pigs   Pages (50-53)
Shao-xuan FU, Yun-shan LI
Autoradiographic studies of the distribution of [14C]changrolin in mice   Pages (54-55)
Wei-zhou CHEN, Yue-li DONG, Rui-qin DING, Xin ZHANG
Effects of Guan-Fu Base A on rabbit red cell membrane, rat capillary permeability and guinea pig heart atrium   Pages (56-59)
Chang-gen WANG, Li-ju ZHOU, Wei-zhou CHEN, Guang-sheng DING
Effects of fluorocarbon blood substitute on macrophage function and host defence in mice   Pages (59-62)
Sheng-nian ZHANG, Chun-fang LIU, Jin-wu DONG, Xun-cheng DING
Inhibitory action of procainamide on blood platelet aggregation of rabbits and guinea pigs   Pages (63-64)
Chun-wen SHAN, Zhi-jun HU, Qi-zhao LIANG, Ju-fang LIU
Relation between bronchospasmolytic action of sophocarpine and cAMP contents in mesencephalon   Pages (65-66)
Dan-fan YAO, Ying-qu LI, Jian-xin WANG, Cun-ren LIU, Yu CHENG
Miosis induced by histamine injected into anterior chamber of isolated ig eyes   Pages (67-69)
Hua-xuan FAN, Rong WEN
Effect of geniposide on acute jaundice in rats caused by anit poisoning   Pages (69-72)
Effect of gossypol formic acid on fluidity of spermatocyte plasma membrane of rat   Pages (72-75)
Dong-po ZHAO, Nan-ming ZHAO, Zuo-ping XIE, Qi-jian SUN, Yu-sheng NIE
Effects of norethindrone visiting pill on serum levels of sex hormone binding globulin and ceruloplasmin in women   Pages (75-78)
Si SONG, Shu-heng ZHENG, Jun-kang CHEN
Action of nitroquine on tissue schizonts of Plasmodium cynomolgi   Pages (78-81)
You-mei HU, Xing-xiang WANG, Bao-zhong DENG, Fu-an LIU, Qing-ping ZHU, Ming-shu KUANG
Effect of praziquantel in vitro on differentdevelopmental stages of Schistosoma japonicum   Pages (82-84)
Ji-qing YOU, Shu-hua XIAO, Wen-ju YUE
Inhibitory effect of Tripterine on proliferation of lymphocytes in mice   Pages (85-88)
Luo-xiu ZHANG, De-ji PAN, Wei-jiang ZHANG, Huai-liang WU, Ya-ping LOU
Depolymerization of cellular tubulin during DNA biosynthesis initiated with growth factors in 3T3 cells   Pages (88-92)
Zu-wu WANG
Radioimmunoassay for paraoxon   Pages (93-96)
Kang-tai RONG, Qin-hui XU, Ru-xin SHAO, Xiong-qi GONG