Vol 6, No 3 (September 1985): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Relationship between the central stimulation of atropine and cholinergic system Pages:149-151
Chun-fu Bian, Miao Ye, Shu-hua Xing, Yang-dong Teng, Peng-chen Xu
Four long-acting analgesic hydrazone derivatives of opiates which bind more firmly with opiate receptors Pages:152-156
Ling-yuan Li, Cai-ying Ye, Zhi-rong Zhang, Ling Wang, Yin-chang Jin
Analgesic, sedative and antispastic effects of l-stepholidine Pages:156-158
Lin-fang Chen, Ju-zhen Gao, Fang-cai Wang, Chong-ren Yang
Effect of 13 cholinergic antagonists on M-cholinergic receptors in rat hearts Pages:158-161
Shu-ying Shen, Jian Xu, Guo-zhang Jin
Effects of gallanilide on isolated rabbit atria, thoracic aorta and portal vein Pages:162-165
Ming-hua Jiang, Da-wei Zhang, Hong Sun, Xin-ying Zhu
Anti-arrhythmic action of puerarin Pages:166-168
Xiang-shu Chai, Zhi-xin Wang, Ping-ping Chen, Lei-yi Wang, Xin-ran Lv, Bai Kang
Effects of resibufogenin on the action potential of myocardial fibers of the dog and guinea pig Pages:169-171
Jing-tian Xie, N Belic, J Mccullough, DH Singer
Anaphylactoid reactions induced by a fluorocarbon blood substitute Pages:172-175
Sheng-nian Zhang, Chun-fang Liu, Jin-wu Dong, Xun-cheng Ding
Effects of histamine and cimetidine on chloride secretion in isolated monkey gastric mucosa Pages:175-178
Ming-Dao Wang
Inhibitory effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the binding of prostaglandins to human serum albumin Pages:178-180
Yi-nian Huo, Zhen-gang Wang, Yin-chang Jin
Plasma protein-binding rate and saliva concentration of artemether in rabbits Pages:181-183
Ya-ping Lou, Zhen-guang Zhang, Han-lin Shu, Yan-lin Zeng
Stability of drug resistance of a pyronaridine-resistant line of Plasmodium berghei Pages:183-185
Bao-ruo Shao, Xiu-yu Ye, Hao Zheng
Prophylactic activity of praziquantel in animals infected with Schistosoma japonicum Pages:186-188
Wen-ju Yue, Ji-qing You, Jing-yan Mei
Effect of aclacinomycin B on DNA polymerase II of tumor cells Pages:189-192
Zhan-rong Li, Jian-bo Feng, Rui Han, Ming-biao Yin, Li-juan Xia
Effects of anemodeanin A on DNA, RNA and protein of tumor cells in vitro and plasma cAMP in mice Pages:192-194
Li-sheng Liu, Xian-hua Xiao, Long-di Zhang, Rong-liang Zheng, Feng-e Wu, Zi-qin Zhu
Cytokinetic effects of oridonin on leukemia L1210 cells Pages:195-198
Mian-ying Wang, Chen Lin, Tan-mu Zhang
Effect of oxalysine on pulmonary metastases of Lewis lung carcinoma in mice Pages:198-200
Xiu-fang Yue, Fu-geng Wu, Bin Xu
Effects of Tremella polysaccharides on immunological status and content of cytochrome P-450 in mouse liver homogenates Pages:201-204
Zhi-bin Lin, Ze-lian Qin, Hong-lin Xia, Hong-chang Guan, Ke Jiao
Antidotal effect of sodium dimercaptosuccinate against acute poisoning by the monosodium salt of 2-dimethylamino-1,3-bisthiosulfo-propane Pages:204-207
Zhi-kang Chen, Guo-tong Zheng, Xing-yan Chen, Dan Lin
Hydrolysis of soman and paraoxon by catalase Pages:207-209
Chang-ling Liu, Guo-qing Wang, Ting-chong Zhou
Effects of misonidazole and tetrandrine on production and repair of radiation-induced DNA damage in L7712 cells Pages:209-213
Nan Liu, Xiu-long Zheng
Estimation of residual rate and apparent half-life time of drugs using the method of acute mortality of animals Pages:213-216
Mei-sheng He, Li-fen Zhan, Jing-yan Guo, Yu-zhi Zhang
Absorption, distribution and excretion of 3H.kakuol in mice and rats Pages:217-220
Shu-sen Ling, Qun Fang, Wei-ling Sun, Fei Ding, Xiao-fang Sun, Ming-guang Yi