Vol 26, No 2 (February 2005): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Caspase-1 inhibitor Ac-YVAD-CHO attenuates quinolinic acid-induced increases in p53 and apoptosis in rat striatum Pages:150-154
Yi CAO, Zhen-lun GU, Fang LIN, Rong HAN, Zheng-hong QIN
Orexin A promotes histamine, but not norepinephrine or serotonin, release in frontal cortex of mice Pages:155-159
Zong-yuan HONG, Zhi-li HUANG, Wei-min QU, Naomi EGUCHI
Modulating effect of adenosine deaminase on function of adenosine A1 receptors Pages:160-165
Wan-chun SUN, Yan CAO, Lei JIN, Li-zhen WANG, Fan MENG, Xing-zu ZHU
Modulation of P-glycoprotein function by amlodipine derivatives in brain microvessel endothelial cells of rats Pages:166-170
Bian-sheng JI, Ling HE, Guo-qing LIU
Estrogen stimulates release of secreted amyloid precursor protein from primary rat cortical neurons via protein kinase C pathway Pages:171-176
Sun ZHANG, Ying HUANG, Yi-chun ZHU, Tai YAO
Visual recognition memory is related to basic expression level of NMDA receptor NR1/NR2B subtype in hippocampus and striatum of rats Pages:177-180
Shu-jun XU, Zhong CHEN, Li-jun ZHU, Hai-qing SHEN, Jian-hong LUO, Jian-hong LUO
Effects of adenosine agonist R-phenylisopropyl-adenosine on halothane anesthesia and antinociception in rats Pages:181-185
Hai-chun MA, Yan-fen WANG, Chun-sheng FENG, Hua ZHAO, Shuji DOHI
Effects of intrathecal 6-hydroxydopamine, α1 and α2 adrenergic receptor antagonists on antinociception of propofol in mice Pages:186-191
Zhi-jun GE, Yin-ming ZENG, Yong-fei TAN
Effects of complete Freund's adjuvant on immunohistochemical distribution of IL-1β and IL-1R I in neurons and glia cells of dorsal root ganglion Pages:192-198
Man LI, Jing SHI, Jun-rui TANG, Di CHEN, Bo AI, Jun CHEN, Li-na WANG, Fu-yuan CAO, Ling-li LI, Chuan-you LIN, Xin-min GUAN
Inhibition of ATP-induced calcium influx in HT4 cells by glucocorticoids: involvement of protein kinase A Pages:199-204
Jian-zhong HAN, Wen LIN, Yi-zhang CHEN
Onychin inhibits proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells by regulating cell cycle Pages:205-211
Ming YANG, Hong-lin HUANG, Bing-yang ZHU, Qin-hui TUO, Duan-fang LIAO
Effect of a single dose of mifepristone on expression of pinopodes in endometrial surface of mice Pages:212-219
Dong-mei HUANG, Luciano G NARDO, Guang-ying HUANG, Fu-er LU, Yan-juan LIU
Swietenia mahagony extract shows agonistic activity to PPARγ and gives ameliorative effects on diabetic db/db mice Pages:220-222
Dan-dan LI, Jun-hua CHEN, Qing CHEN, Guo-wei LI, Jing CHEN, Jian-min YUE, Min-li CHEN, Xiao-ping WANG, Jian-hua SHEN, Xu SHEN, Hua-liang JIANG
Triptolide suppresses CD80 and CD86 expressions and IL-12 production in THP-1 cells Pages:223-227
Jing LIU, Qing-li WU, Yong-hong FENG, Yi-fu YANG, Xiao-yu LI, Jian-ping ZUO
RNA interference by expression of short hairpin RNAs suppresses bcl-xL gene expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells Pages:228-234
Fang LIU, Cheng-wei HE, Yue-fei ZHANG, Ke-yuan ZHOU
Synthesis and anti-tumor activity of alkenyl camptothecin esters Pages:235-241
Zhi-song CAO, John MENDOZA, Albert DEJESUS, Beppino GIOVANELLA
Effect of MePEG molecular weight and particle size on in vitro release of tumor necrosis factor-α-loaded nanoparticles Pages:242-249
Chao FANG, Bin SHI, Yuan-ying PEI
Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of 5-fluorouracil encapsulated by galactosylceramide liposomes in mice Pages:250-256
Yong JIN, Jun LI, Long-fu RONG, Xiong-wen LV, Yan HUANG, Shu-yun XU