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Oblongifolin C and guttiferone K extracted from Garcinia yunnanensis fruit synergistically induce apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells in vitro

Hui LI, Xiao-xiao MENG, Li ZHANG, Bao-jun ZHANG, Xin-yu LIU, Wen-wei FU, Hong-sheng TAN, Yuan-zhi LAO, Hong-xi XU
DOI: 10.1038/aps.2016.101


Oblongifolin C (OC) and guttiferone K (GUTK) are two anticancer compounds extracted from Garcinia yunnanensis Hu, but they act by different mechanisms. In this study we investigated whether a combination of OC and GUTK (1:1 molar ratio) could produce synergistic anticancer effects against human colorectal cancer cells in vitro. For comparison, we also examined the anticancer efficacy of ethanol extracts from G yunnanensis fruit, which contain OC and GUTK up to 5%. Compared to OC and GUTK alone, the combination of OC and GUTK as well as the ethanol extracts more potently inhibited the cancer cell growth with IC50 values of 3.4 μmol/L and 3.85 μg/mL, respectively. Furthermore, OC and GUTK displayed synergistic inhibition on HCT116 cells: co-treatment with OC and GUTK induced more prominent apoptosis than treatment with either drug alone. Moreover, the combination of OC and GUTK markedly increased cleavage of casapse-3 and PARP, and enhanced cellular ROS production and increased JNK protein phosphorylation. In addition, the combination of OC and GUTK exerted stronger effects under nutrient-deprived conditions than in complete medium, suggesting that autophagy played an essential role in regulating OC- and GUTK-mediated cell death. OC and GUTK are the main components that contribute to the anticancer activity of G yunnanensis and the compounds have apoptosis-inducing effects in HCT116 cells in vitro.
Keywords: Garcinia yunnanensis Hu; oblongifolin C; guttiferone K; colorectal cancer; HCT116 cells; apoptosis; autophagy; ROS; JNK

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