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Hypoglycemic activity of ginseng glycopeptide.

Ben-Xiang Wang, Qiu-Li Zhou, Ming Yang, Yan Wang, Zhi-Yong Cui, Yong-Qiang Liu, Takashi Ikejima


AIM: To study the hypoglycemic activity of ginseng glycopeptide (GGP). METHODS: Normal mice or rabbits and alloxan or streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemic rats or mice were used in the study. Blood glucose and liver glycogen levels of the experimental animals during the trial period were analyzed by spectrophotometry with O-toluidine and iodine reagents, respectively. RESULTS: Significant decreases in blood glucose and liver glycogen levels were induced in a dose-dependent manner after administration of GGP 50, 100, or 200 mg/kg injected ip or sc to normal mice and injected im 30 or 60 mg/kg to normal rabbits. The hypoglycemic activity of GGP lasted for about 16 h, and were examined in both normal animals and hyperglycemic animals. CONCLUSION: GGP injection induced the pronounced decreases in blood glucose and liver glycogen levels in both normal and hyperglycemic animals.

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