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Effects of rhynchophylline on motor activity of mice and serotonin and dopamine in rat brain

Jing-Shan Shi, Bin Huang, Qin Wu, Ru-Xian Ren, Xiao-Long Xie


Rhynchophylline (Rhy) reduced the spontaneous motor activity and enhanced the sedative and hypnotic effects of sodium pentobarbital in mice. The effects of Rhy on serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) concentrations in rat brain, and the release of 5-HT and DA from the regional brain slices were studied by a fluorescence detector. Rhy increased the 5-HT content in the hypothalamus and cortex, but reduced the DA concentrations in the cortex, amygdala, and spinal cord. Rhy promoted the release of endogenous DA from 4 brain regions. The release of 5-HT was increased in 2 brain regions and decreased in hypothalamus slice. However, Rhy inhibited the release of both 5-HT and DA evoked by high potassium.

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