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Absorbtion, distribution and excretion of gallanilide in rats and bioavailability in rabbits

Authors: Duan Li, Ming Zhu, Xiang-Yuan Yang, Zhen-Yue Wang, Lu Li, Shi-You Yang, Qiu-Ming Chu, Xue-Ning Chen


Gallanilide 20 mg/kg iv in rats showed its distributing levels as follows: high in lung and kidney; spleen, gastrointestinal tract, liver, heart, testis and blood the next; brain the least. It folloxved a pattern or two-compartment model in rat. After 20 mg/kg im over a 24-h period, 2.4% of the dose was found in the urine. 0.08% in the feces, and 0.15% in bile excretion 5 h after iv 20 mg/kg. The ig (introgastric) and ir (rectal) absolute bioavailability of gallanilide was 19 and 28% respectively, while the relative bioavailability was 67% (p<0.05).

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