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Effects of eleven muscarinic drugs on trachea and ileum of guinea pig in vitro

Authors: Wen-Cheng Xiong, Jing-Chu Yan


The effects of eleven muscarinic subtype selective agonists and antagonists were observed on isolated trachea and lieum of guinea pig. The pAz values (against CCh) of 4-DAMP and AF-DX 116, both being putative M2 antagonists, were 9.04 and 5.9 on the ileum, and 6.94 and 6.70 on the trachea, respectively. The pAz values (against CCh) of gallamine, a neuromuscular blocker, were 5.40 and <3 on the trachea and ileum, respectively. The pAz values (against CCh) of pirenzepine, a putative M1 antagonist, on the ileum and trachea were similar, being around 6.80. These results suggest that the muscarinic receptors of trachea and ileum may not be homogeneous.

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