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Potentiating effect of clonidine on the anxiolytic action of diazepam in rat social interaction model of anxiety

Authors: Xiao-Min Yang, Zhi-Pu Luo, Jin-Huang Zhou


Pairs of Cr rats were placed in a test box under different illumination for 1O min and the time they spent in the active social interaction were scored. It was found that clonidine (Clo) 3 vg/kg and diazepam (Dia) 0.03 mg/kg ip 5d prior to the test and then ip 30 min before the test, did not alter the active interaction time (AIT). However, Clo 10 vg/kg and Dia 0.3 mg/kg prolonged the AIT. Clo 3 Vg/kg, ip 10 min before Dia 0.03 mg/kg, increased the effect of Dia on the AIT. Our results indicate that Clo potentiates the anxiolytic effect of diazepam in the social interaction model of anxiety.

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