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Effects of aspirin on metastasis-associated gene expression detected by cDNA microarray

Xue-qin GAO, Jin-xiang HAN, Hai-yan HUANG, Shi YAN, Chang-zheng SONG, Hai-nan HUANG


To investigate the effect of aspirin on the metastasis-associated gene expression in 3AO ovarian cancer cells.
3AO cells were treated with aspirin at the concentration of 1.2 mmol/L for 16 and 48 h, respectively. The total RNA was extracted with Trizol reagents and reverse transcribed with Superscript II and hybridized with cDNA microarray (containing oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, signal transduction pathway molecules, adhesive molecules, growth factors and ESTs) fabricated in our lab. After normalization, the ratio of gene expression of aspirin treated to untreated 3AO cells being either 2 fold up higher or 0.5 fold down (lower) were defined as differential expression. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR was used to validate the microarray results.
Among the 447 metastasis-associated genes, 4 genes were up-regulated and 14 genes were down-regulated in 3AO cells treated with aspirin for 16 h compared with untreated cells. While 24 genes were up-regulated and 10 genes were down-regulated in cells treated with aspirin for 48 h. Several up or down-regulated gene expression changes continued from 16 h to 48 h.
Aspirin might exert its anti-metastasis effects on ovarian cancer by affecting metastasis-associated gene expression.

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