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Effects of tetrandrine on changes of NMDA receptor channel in cortical neurons of rat induced by anoxia.

Authors: Zhong-feng Wang, Chun-sheng Xue, Qi-xin Zhou, Zi-bing Wan, Quan-sheng Luo


To study the effects of tetrandrine (Tet) on the changes of NMDA receptor channels in cortical neurons induced by anoxia.
Cell-attached configuration of patch-clamp techniques. Anoxia was produced by perfused cells with 95% N2 + 5% CO2 gassed bath solution.
During anoxia, the open time constant (tau 2), open probability (Po) of 35-pS and 100-pS channels increased. Tet 7.5 mumol.L-1 reduced the Po of 35-pS and 100-pS channels, 15 and 30 mumol.L-1 inhibited open of 100-pS channel fully, and changed the open time constant of 35-pS from two to single exponential distribution.
Tet inhibition of the open of NMDA receptor channels induced by anoxia was one of its protective mechanisms.

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