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Genotype of CYP3AP1 associated with CYP3A activity in Chinese Han population.

Bing ZHU, Guo-Lin CHEN, Xiao-Ping CHEN, Nan HE, Zhao-Qian LIU, Chang-Hong JIANG, Dan WANG, Hong-Hao ZHOU


AIM: To investigate the distribution of genotype of CYP3AP1 in Chinese Han
population and the correlation with CYP3A activity.
METHODS: Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism
(PCR-RFLP) was employed in CYP3AP1 genotype analysis; using midazolam as probe
drug, CYP3A activity of 191 Chinese healthy subjects was measured by plasma
1'-hydroxymidazolam/midazolam (1'-OH-MDZ/MDZ) ratio at 1 h after oral
administration of 7.5 mg midazolam.
RESULTS: There was significant difference of CYP3A activity in different
genotypes of CYP3AP1 in vivo (P <0.05). The activity of CYP3A in homozygous
A(-44) (CYP3AP1*3/CYP3AP1*3) is lower than heterozygous A(-44)G
(CYP3AP1*1/CYP3AP1*3), and the CYP3A activity in homozygous G(-44)
(CYP3AP1*1/CYP3AP1*1) is t he highest.
CONCLUSION: There was association between the genotype of CYP3AP1 and increased
activity of CYP3A in vivo.

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