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Effects of erysimin G on renal tubular function and 70-pS K+ channel activity of thick ascending limb

Hong-Li Shan, Xiao-Dan Zhang, Rui-Min Gu, Da-Li Luo, Bao-Feng Yang


Aim: To study the effect of erysimin G (CH35H52O13) on the thick ascending limb (TAL) 70-pS K+ channel of rat kidney and its effect on diuresis.
Methods: The patch-clamp cell-attached recording technique was used to record the single potassium channel current, and the urine volume (UV) was measured by urethral intubation to determine the diuretic effect.
Results: Erysimin G can increase the urine volume and decrease the 70-pS potassium channel activity of TAL.
Conclusion: Erysimin G has a diuretic effect and its inhibition on the activity of apical 70-pS potassium channel may be the mechanism of its diuretic effect.

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