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Affinity of 99mTc-N,N-bis-(carboxymethyl) aminoacetylproline for tumors in mice

Zheng-qin TAO, Zhen-jia CHEN, Jian-shi ZHANG, Guang-sheng DING


In mice the radioactivities of 99mTc-N, N-bis-(carboxymethyl) amino-acetylproline after iv 0.37 MBq/0.5 mg/mouse showed a high affinity for 4 transplanted tumors of mice-higher in uterocervical carcinoma-14 and hepatoma than in sarcoma 180 and Lewis lung carcinoma. The radioactivities in blood, femur, brain, heart, lungs, muscles and spleen were lower, whereas those in kidneys and liver were higher, than that in the tumors. The tumor/organ ratios maintained a high level during the period of 3-12 h after iv.

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