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Retention of [75Se]selenomethionine in rats studied by whole body counting

Shou-peng ZHU, Chong-dao WANG, Guo-lin WANG, Xian-hua GAO


The dynamic retention in rats after iv [75Se] selenomethionine 15 μCi/kg was determined by whole body counting. The retention was well described by a three-component equation. R(t)=24.06e-0.679t+41.24e-0.042t+15.41e-0.005t wherein T1=1.0 d; T2=16.4d; T3=132 d. The radioactivities in urine revealed 2 components with t1/2=0.6 and 9.8 d, respectively. Biological t1/2=5.2 d in fecal excretion for the fast component and 13.2 d for the long term component.

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