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Fractionation of venom from Vipera russelli siamensis and the effects of their components on blood coagulation

Xiao-guang YANG, Jia-zeng LI, Jin-xia GUAN, Yan-de ZHAO


By gradient elution from DEAE-Sephadex A-50 column the venom of Vipera russelli siamensis (Smith) was separated into 8 fractions. Fraction II showed an antithromboplastin effect. Rechromatography of fractions V,VI,VIII and VII, all having procoagulant action,obtained 3 fractions from each. Fractions VI1,VI2 and VIII1 had stronger effects of procoagulant action than others; whereas fractions V2, VIII2 and VIII3 had antithrombin effects.

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